12 Must Have Products For Gamers

12 Must Have Products For Gamers

Buying cool and unique products for yourself or for your home is always fun but when you get amazing products that are a dream come true for every gamer, its even better!

Whether you are a hard-core gamer or just love collecting game related memorabilia, this list of products is great for any game lover who wants to flaunt their passion! From utility and everyday items like mugs and rugs to expensive and showcase items like game controller shaped coffee table, these make for amazing gifts for yourself or your friends.

How happy would you be if you could buy a coffee table that is an almost exact replica of the PS3 controller and can be used to store your gaming paraphernalia? The Giant Playstation 3 Controller Coffee Table is a gamer’s dream come true and has been created using birch plywood.

The huge Playstation controller coffee table weighs 100 lbs and has a black, matte clear finish to it. It has been beautifully crafted and has all the knobs and buttons of the original controller. It also features a 1/2-inch thick plate of tempered glass top that can be removed if needed. The fold down door...Read full review

The Game Over Mug is shaped like a PS3 or PS4 game controller and comes with a message printed at the inside of the mug. A must for everyone who loves playing games or just owning cute and unique mugs, this one will let you know that your game is now over when you finish up with the liquid inside, by revealing its ‘GAME OVER’ message.

It has controller grips protruding out of the left and right side, making it easy to hold and sip your drink. It has been made from ceramic and can hold about 12 oz. of liquid.

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If you are a fan of the game Tetris and miss its pixelated interface, then the 8-Bit Pixelated iPhone Case is the perfect new accessory for you! Surround yourself with this nineties nostalgia and use this pixilated case for your 4k retina smartphone!

This iPhone case made form large pixels and also has a pixelated apple logo, both made from high quality TPU. The case is currently available for the Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S models and can be bought in white, black, or pink color.Read full review

The Super Nintendo Controller Door Mat is a rug for your door that has a Super Nintendo controller design. Whether you miss your childhood game, like to collect memorabilia or just need a doormat for your home, this cool rug is the one for you.

Recommended for indoor purposes, this doormat has been designed and created by ThinkGeek. It is made from 100% polyester and a non-skid back. It measures 30 inches in width and 13.75 inches in length and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and detergent.Read full review

Are you a gamer? Do you like drinking? Do you want to be discreet about your drinking? If your answer to these 3 questions is ‘yes’, then the NES Cartridge Secret Drinking Flask is the perfect solution for you.

If you are ashamed of your drinking habits and want to be super discreet without anyone finding out about it, then this flask has been designed as an old school Nintendo game cartridge with the exact size and features. They can easily be kept with your other gaming paraphernalia and when no one is looking you can sneakily take a swig of your favorite liquor!

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Another cool product for all the Gameboy fans, this drinking flask is called The Nerdtendo Gameboy Flask and it looks just like the famous Gameboy. It has been handmade from a stainless steel flask and has a vinyl wrap that is stuck around the flask using durable adhesives.

Great for showing off your love for the portable game, or just being a discreet drinker this flask will make a great addition to products like the Game Boy Beach Towel and Game Boy Hard Drive. You can even customize it and add designs on the flask for an extra $5.

For other discreet drinking products...Read full review

What gamer party is complete without some cool gaming party products? The Game Controllers Ice and Chocolate Molds will add an element of zing to your party and will make for some awesome ice for drinks chocolates for dessert.

This mold can make 6 items at one time with 2 of each controller - Playstation, NES, Sega. It has been made with food safe silicone and is also dishwasher safe with 7.5 x 5.75 x 1 inch dimensions.Read full review

If you have an awesome gamers den, then just imagine how cool it would be to have an Arcade Joystick Light Switch to shine some light on your games and gaming products?

Designed to look like the front of an arcade machine, it has a joystick and two arcade like buttons and the whole unit can be used to replace your boring old light switch plates. The joystick can be moved up and down to turn on and turn off the light, making this mundane task so much more fun! The two buttons on the side also make adorable and gaming arcade authentic 'pew-pew' sounds.

The front light on the...Read full review

If you miss holding and playing with your game boy and its been far too long, then the Game Boy Hard Drive will fulfill all your dreams and wishes. The ultimate nerdy gamer product, this hard drive has been created using old game boys that have been hollowed out and fitted with a hard disk instead. It also has USB ports for connecting with your laptop or computer that have been drilled into the shell.

It is USB 3.0 compatible and comes with its USB cable. The hard drive is available in 3 storage capacities and respective prices - 500GB for $109.99, 1TB for $129.99 and 2TB for $159....Read full review

The Game Boy Beach Towel is yet another product for people who just cant let go of their nineties game playing fetishes. Apart from a Game Boy Hard Drive , if you would like to take your love for the Game Boy to the next level, then the Game Boy towel is just the product for you.

It is a beach towel that has been designed to look exactly like a Game Boy, except that it says Beach Boy instead of Game Boy on it. It is made from cotton and measures 30 x 60 inches. It is also machine washable.Read full review

No one likes doing math, unless you are a geek who loves studying or are just a fanatic who loves solving problems. But if you are a regular person, you probably hate mathematics solutions just as much as everyone else. If you want to make the task of solving problems that may or may not ever help you in your life, check out the Game Controller Shaped Calculator.

Not only does it look extremely cool with its game controller shape, it will also give you a slight motivation to actually do your homework! This X-Cool Game Controller Calculator has 12 necessary functions like percentage...Read full review

Show your true geek side with this Keyboard Keys Coffee Mug Set that is shaped like giant keyboard keys! Designed after the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys, these cups have been made using heavy-duty plastic construction and are dishwasher safe. They can hole 8 ounces of liquid each and come with a matching tray.

Match this with the Giant Playstation 3 Controller Coffee Table and just imagine how cool your gaming room will look!

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