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Skydio Unveils R1 article
January, 26
PowerDolphin promises a lot more than your average drone. In fact, PowerVision, the creator of this drone, has named it a lifestyle robot because it c...
CES 2018- PowerDolphin, the Multitasking Smart Underwater Drone
January, 22
RC Logger, named DroneArt, has evolved over the years into a major tech company that engineers and builds unique multirotors systems and utilizes adva...
 AEON Series at CES 2018
January, 22
On January 23rd, DJI plans to hold an event in New York City, which they’ve given the name ‘Adventure Unfolds”. Unfortunately, there’s very little detail on what to expect, except a cool teaser video comprising some drone shots, music, and something close to what could be the new Mavic drone.Given...
By Alexa K
January, 15
High Great, a Shenzhen-based drone maker was present at CES 2018 to display two of their drones, Mark and Hesper, both...
selfly drone
January, 12
For many years, we’ve known only one way to take selfies with our smartphones- outstretching our arms or mounting the...
airselfie 2
January, 12
Airselfie2, the second edition of the original AirSelfie Drone, also made it into CES 2018. As you may be aware, the...
DJI Launches Alpine White Version of DJI Mavic Pro
By Admin
November, 21
Not too long ago, DJI launched a limited edition drone exclusive to Apple stores and DJI’s own outlets. The limited...
DJI Launches New Privacy Mode To Enhance Data Security
October, 4
DJI had, in August of this year, promised to come up with a Local Data Mode for its drones, the prime objective is to stop any exchange of data or inf...
GoPro Releases Two New Cameras And Upgrades The Karma Drone
September, 28
GoPro held a special event on Thursday in San Francisco called “The Moment” and has released two much-awaited action cameras – the GoPro Hero 6 Black...
Volocopter Unmanned Drone Taxi Takes Its First Flight In Dubai
September, 26
The future is finally here! There’s not much time till we start living in a world very like the Jetsons’ with flying cars and an abundance of technolo...
January, 22
 AEON Series at CES 2018
RC Logger, named DroneArt, has evolved over the years into a major tech company that engineers and b...
April, 11
Airvada Diodon Drone - World’s First Inflatable Drone
With the immense popularity of drones and quadcopters, the industry is set to come up with new and a...
Is The New DJI Mavic Drone Waterproof?
UPDATE 17/01/2017: Expert Vagabond crashed his DJI Mavic drone into a river in Costa Rica recently, and though that he had lost his drone, but surprisingly was able to bring it back to life!The first...
Air Shepherd Drones To Help Stop Animal Poaching
August, 24
In an attempt to reduce the poaching and killing of animals in Africa, drones are being deployed to help with the situation. Every year, a huge...
5 Ways Drones Interlock With Agriculture And Farming
July, 14
Drones and quadcopters now play a much bigger role than simply being aerial machines that are a flying hobby. Their application and usage in...
5 Ways Drones Integrate In Real Estate
June, 1
Drones have taken the world by storm and are much more than just aerial machines for flying enthusiasts and hobbyists. With the advancement of drones...
Drone Racing League Finale To Be Held On 13 June 2017
May, 30
After Drone Racing League landed Allianz as their title sponsor for the 2017 season, the races are all set to happen this year in June. Since the...