7 websites for PDF magazine direct downloads and torrents

June, 14, 15

7 websites for PDF magazine direct downloads and torrents

  • 4 websites for magazines download
4 websites for magazines download

Many online users are using torrent websites to share files and get mostly movies and music and for these there are many popular torrent sites available to choose from.

But for those that are looking to download PDF magazines (of printed magazines), these are not so common to find on the popular torrent sites and more will not have it. For that reason, we have made a small list of websites that offer magazine torrents and direct download options for most of the popular magazines out there.

These sites stay relatively up to date with the latest releases of the magazines so they would surely be a good source to have is you are a magazine reader

Things to know when using these websites:

  • These website do not host the magazines and would link to file sharing.Some will offer free slower download with waiting time while other might only have premium accounts.Once you start using these website you'll fine out which file hosting websites/links are better and offer free downloads.
  • Popup ads - some of these website have popup ads, please make sure you are on the right domain when clicking download links, these might be ads.
  • Best website I found to be is PDF giant which seem to have to largest collection but it depends what you are looking for.


*Note that using torrents and direct download sites might be illegal in your country or state so take that into considerationswearechampionmag.com does not support any illegal activity.

PDF Giant

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At PDF Giant you can find a big collection of popular PDF magazines for direct download. The site feature the worlds most popular printed magazine in the world and has one of the most wide selection to choose from.

Down Magaz

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The Down Magz websites is dedicated site for the search and download of Magazine in PDF formats.

PDF Magazines org

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Website is dedicated for the download of ebook, magazine and other "printed" materials

World Mags

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World Mag website offer a wide selection of PDF magazine for direct download.

Free Mags

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Free Mags has a number of magazines from various categories to choose from for both men and women. You can download PFD magazines in different languages as well.

PDF Magazine Download

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This website offers a viriarty of magazines to download, from finance to hunting and much more.

pdf magazines club

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One more website that offers a wide range of PDF Magazines for avaiable for download.

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