5 Best Handled Gimbal Stabilizers for Smartphones

top 5 gimbal handled stabilizer

The easiest way to capture moments and memories is with your smartphone – you always have it with you and you don’t need to buy an additional camera and spend extra money. So why not make recording videos and taking pictures with great quality using just your smartphone an easier option?

This can be done by using a handheld gimbal stabilizer for smartphones, which makes the videos and pictures look less shaky even if there is a lot of movement. Here are some of the best you can choose from, so the next time you record a video with your smartphone, it comes out perfectly!

The Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIP5 Smoothee Camera Mount has been specially designed for the iPhone 5 and uses similar technology to the one rigs use for filming movies, but on a smaller scale! Record incredible videos without any shakiness normally that usually comes along with handheld captured videos.

Usable right out of the box, the camera mount features an easy to use and compact size, great for travelling with. It can be used with precise control and ease to deliver smooth video as if you were just gliding through the air!

Steadicam SMOOTHEE-APPLIP5 Smoothee Camera Mount...Read full review

The Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer can make your smartphone or GoPro camera into a professional image capture apparatus, which allows shooting of smooth videos. It uses a 3-axis brushless motor gyro system and sophisticated software that helps in stabilizing your smartphone or GoPro.

With the ability to do pans and tilts, this device is much easier to use than a steady rig, but can still deliver similar recording quality. Users can easily capture longer takes using the Gesture Control System. Start using this by tilting and panning the handle, and the camera...Read full review

The DJI Osmo Mobile revolutionizes the way we take videos on our mobiles, and you can now capture memories in a more cinematic manner than ever before that is easy and convenient.

The Osmo Mobile features a 3-axis motorized gimbal that has an adjustable phone mount. The gimbal keeps the footage steady by using its motors to counter any vibration or shake and provides smooth and steady results no matter what you’re doing.

The Osmo Mobile has the ability to capture high-resolution panorama shots. It does so by taking 9 pictures as it pans across and then stitching them...Read full review

The LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Gimbal Active Stabilizer is created for the GoPro action cameras and iPhone 6S Plus, but it is also compatible with all smartphones starting from the size of an iPhone 4 till the iPhone 6S Plus and the GoPro.

It is compatible with all smartphones ranging from the size of the iPhone 4 all the way up to the iPhone 6S Plus. This is possible due to the included clamp that can hold smartphones with a width of 2.2” to 3.0”. There’s also a larger clamp for smartphones with a width of 2.5” to 3.6”. Additionally this kit also comes for a clamp...Read full review

The KumbaCam 3 Axis Smartphone Stabilizer and Gimbal is suitable for all Android and iPhone smartphones up to 7" diagonally. It has a motorized 3-axis gimbal that has been designed to keep your smartphone level and remove any jitters and vibrations while recording. The result is smooth and professional looking footage that provide a movie-like feel!

It comes with a counterweight to help balance for heavier smartphones. Users have the option of direct USB charging through the stabilizer, which removes the need for an external battery charger. It also features joystick control over...Read full review

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