5 Top Fidget Spinners for ADHD and Anxiety

June, 26, 17

5 Top Fidget Spinners for ADHD and Anxiety

  • 5 Top Fidget Spinners for ADHD and Anxiety
5 Top Fidget Spinners for ADHD and Anxiety

The latest craze is fidget spinners, that apart from being cool toys to play with, also help in relieving stress and anxiety and helping people with issues such as ADHD. While there is a lot of debate whether this is completely true or not, there are many who endorse the use of these fidget spinners.

The spinning motion between the fingers creates a calming effect, and adults and children are both using these spinners. There’s a wide variety of spinners that you can choose from, ranging from spinners with LEDs to spinners that are used for tricks. We’ve put together some great spinners that are helpful for use with relieving stress and focus related issues.

Go ahead, spin your symptoms away!

The KYELSSA EDC Fidget Spinner features a unique and stunning design made of a Zinc alloy body, 304 Stainless steel counterweight bearing and 608 hybrid ceramic Silicon oxide bearings. This provides the best and most convenient way to spin, along with longer spinning times of 180 Seconds to 360 Seconds.

Since it is not made from cheap materials, it feels smooth in the hand and creates a calming and serene effect for the mind to easily focus on and reduce distractions and stress.Read full review

The Zekpro Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner helps keep your anxiety at bay and distracts you by focusing your thoughts instead on this very calming fidget spinner. Its small size lets you carry it in your pocket and is great for children as well because it fits in their hands easily.

People with ADHD too will see the benefits of the spinning toy as the smooth ceramic feels great spinning in your hand and creates a stress relieving effect. You can even have some fun with it to see who is the most ‘spinworthy’.Read full review

The F5MALL Fidget spinner comes equipped with high quality ceramic bearings that perform smoothly and reduce drag. Its small and simple size is perfect for everyone including children. The simple color and look is also better to use than the flashier spinner.

This simple and compact spinner is great for relieving stress and helping people with anxiety, ADHD and Autism. It is also strong and durable so if a child drops it, it wouldn’t break easily. Keep it in your pocket and have it with you at all time to help when needed!Read full review

The Patterned Fidget Spinner With LED Lights comes in different designs like US flag, Galaxy, and Camouflage. This LED fidget spinner has flashing lights that create changing streams of light when spun, making it a great toy for people with stress, ADD, ADHD, and fidgeting.

Easy to carry and fiddle with anytime, it is a good substitute for clicking a pen or flipping a lighter, giving your restless hands something better to do.Read full review

The Kroma Anti-Anxiety Glow-in-the-Dark Fidget Spinner has been endorsed for relieving stress, ADHD, and anxiety, and it works as the perfect de-stressing, re-focusing, and re-energizing tool for all who use it.

It has been made using impact-resistant plastic for durability and comes equipped with high quality ceramic ball bearings. This means that you will get longer spin times and speeds. And the glow in the dark feature just add to all the fun!Read full review

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