9 Useful Gadgets For Outdoor Activities And Camping

May, 12, 15

9 Useful Gadgets For Outdoor Activities And Camping

  • 9 Useful Gadgets For Outdoor Activities And Camping
9 Useful Gadgets For Outdoor Activities And Camping

When you are outdoors camping it is very difficult to carry all the items of necessity with you, especially when your electronics can’t be charged in the wild and you don’t have a lot of space to carry things with you. That’s when you need some cool and interesting inventions to make camping a whole lot more fun!

From foldable and easy to carry BBQ grills to credit card shaped knives, here’s a list of some very unique products that you must take on your next camping adventure. 

Camping and bonfires go hand in hand. What’s a cool outdoor adventure trip without some s’mores and scary stories? But lighters and matchsticks can easily get lost or stop working. That’s why the Flint Laces can come in very handy.

The Flint Laces are shoelaces that can be used to start a fire with incase you have no other way to. Easy to use, each flint lace has a hidden ferro rod inside it, which is capped with rubber. To use them all you have to do is scrape its rubber cap, strike it against some steel and you can light a perfect fire!Read full review

When you are out camping or fishing, all you want to do is relax, sit in one place and admire the beauty of nature. No one wants to get up every minute to get a drink or set up 5 tables to just keep your things around. It’s also quite a pain to carry all these items with you.

The Backpack Chair is foldable and can be carried around like a backpack and when opened it is set up as a chair with a cooler and side table attached to the sides, making it a convenient space to keep all your things at one place.

This cool chair is available in red, gray or blue, weighs 12 pounds and...Read full review

The Campfire Popcorn Popper Bowl is a big bowl that has a long handle and can be used for making some deliciously yummy popcorn when out camping.

You obviously cannot roam around with your microwave everywhere you go camping and those popcorn craving are quite insatiable. So to make things much easier, this popcorn maker can be kept directly on your campfire as it is made from steel. It has a hinged lid and wooden handle for holding and the bowl will let you make about 96 oz of popcorn at a time!Read full review

A knife can be very handy when you are out in the woods, whether it is for cutting things or just your own safety. While it may not be very feasible to carry one around in your bag or pocket, you can carry one in your wallet.

The Credit Card Sized Folding Knife weighs 13 grams and is 2.2mm thick. It can easily be folded from a credit card shape into a fully functioning knife within seconds and ready to be used.Read full review

Every manly man camper knows there is no place for electronics on a camping trip; it’s supposed to be solely about you and nature. But, there are times that you want to take a peak at your phone and go through that Instagram feed just to keep in touch with the world. But how can you keep your battery running even without a charging outlet?

The Hand Crank Phone Charger is actually a product by Hammacher Schlemmer Institute called 'The Best Emergency Radio' that has a built in LED flashlight, USB port and built in solar charger. To charge your phone you can attach it via the USB...Read full review

The worst thing that can probably happened while you are out camping is to run out of drinking water and since you wouldn’t come by clean drinking water when out in the wild, the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter can be a huge boon when you are on your outdoor adventure.

You can dip it into any murky liquid and get safe and healthy water that has been purified from 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria. It apparently can also be used on your own urine, if you dare to try that. If only the brave guy from the movie ‘127 Hours’ knew about this product…Read full review

The Portable Pocket Shower is a very convenient way of having a showing anywhere that you may desire by just filling it up and hanging it! It can hold up to 2.6 gallons of water and that should provide you with around 8 minutes of shower time. The small design comes in a 3'' x 6'' pouch that can be easily taken around in your pocket.

So whether you are out camping, have shower issues in your bathroom or are homeless, this Portable Pocket Shower is a great and unique product for you to choose!Read full review

For when you want a lighter that is rugged and will not combust in your bag while travelling, the Military Grade Lighter is a cool product that can withstand 70-80 mph of wind and can be used for almost 30,000 ignitions. It has been designed using elastomer armor and so has astonishing protection even when hit or falls with a big impact. It is great to use for lighting a campfire, a tiki torch or even just your cigarette.Read full review

What’s a camping trip without any BBQ? The Folding Portable Charcoal Grill can be folded into a flat surface and taken anywhere you want with ease. Taking very little space when travelling, this charcoal grill has been constructed from durable electro-plated iron and takes up just an inch in thickness when folded. It features a chrome plated tri-fold cooking grate and measures 21 x 21 x 9 inches when completely opened and set up.Read full review

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