Airdog - Follow Me Drone


Airdog - Follow Me Drone

Weight (KG)


Battery Life

10 - 20 minutes

The AirDog is a unique drone equipped with Auto-Follow function that is possible due to their AirLeash technology, which works like a leash for the drone to follow you around using long-range Bluetooth. It ensures that you are always front and center of the video, so the focus stays on you.

It is easy to operate and provides a stable platform to take videos with its special gyroscope stabilized gimbal. You can safely attach a GoPro camera onto it and it also comes with a waterproof case.

Users can also fly it manually with a radio transmitter, using the directional buttons on the AirLeash to move the drone around.

Airdog Follow Me Drone

The drone can also be controlled using an app that programs the AirDog to perform functions like hovering and pointing the camera, turning in place to focus, circling the subject at a set radius and altitude, or simply follow you from a predetermined distance. The company plans on adding such new program options for different activities over time.

You can easily carry this drone around with you because the body and props can be folded and that helps in keeping the drone safe and all its small parts from not breaking.

It has a durable and weather resistant construction with wind resistance up to 28 knots (14 m/s) and max speeds of up to 40mph or 64kph. With the interchangeable 14.8 V, 5500mAh, LiPo batteries, you will get a flight time of about 10-20 minutes depending on flight speed.