Builds Home Security Drones Builds Home Security Drones

These days there are various ways for you to keep your home secure using sensors and cameras with great technology. But unfortunately cameras lack in one aspect, which is field of view.

This is why at CES 2017, has announced a new home security drone that can help in investigating unexpected activity through non-intrusive, smart surveillance.

They have partnered with Qualcomm's Snapdragon Flight Drone Platform to create this technology. The drone can work completely autonomous, and can find its way to the exact location of any sudden and unexpected activity like a noise or tripped motion sensor. Using its camera, the drone can also send video of the disturbance straight to your smartphone.

Hugo Swart, senior director of product management for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. says, "The Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight platform pushes the boundaries of the drone industry and has led to many new form factors and use cases., with its security expertise, is taking commercial and residential security systems to the next level by integrating intelligent and cutting edge drones to its solutions."

The drone works on the new "Insights Engine," which uses machine learning to help the drone automatically recognize unpredicted activity inside the house. For instance, this adaptive program can learn what time your child comes home from school everyday and alert you if something seems amiss.

As of now there isn’t any specific release date given out by the company, but it seems that they should be released later this year. 


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