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Best GoPro Bow Mounts (2020)


Best GoPro Bow Mounts For Hunting Featured Image - Day in a forest, hunting grounds

We’ve all been there - one moment you are looking at bow hunting videos on YouTube, and the next thing you know, you’re down the rabbit hole where you find yourself dusting off your hunting gear, calling buddies, planning your next adventure, and searching for the best GoPro bow mounts for hunting.

When other people watch those videos, all they see are 1-5 minute long clips of those final moments of the hunt and often fall into the trap of thinking hunting is easy. The footage doesn’t show the days hunters spent in the mountain range: exhausting trekking through the woods, the hours of stalking, and all the hunting and recording gear they had to carry.

All the time you spend in the wilds puts that much weight on the seconds before you let the shot break, and with one of the best GoPro bow mounts for hunting, you can now capture those moments in the first person. 

Drawback, tip of the nose, center the peep, center the bubble, draw, pull, pull, pull, and let the shot break! Consciously controlling your movement while keeping your form perfect to execute the shot correctly becomes much more difficult if you constantly worry about the video’s framing and the gear you brought to record the hunt.

So, how can you keep your form uncompromised, mind clear, and record great hunting videos? The answer is: with the go-to action camera and one of the best GoPro bow mounts for hunting, that won’t get in the way of you taking the shot. 

What should you consider when buying GoPro bow mounts?

Bow Mount Weight With Attached Camera

Many bowhunters make the mistake of purchasing an action camera and all the mounts and accessories without actually investing time in practicing archery with the equipment on. Keep in mind the extra weight of both the camera and the bow mount can throw your aim slightly off-balance, which may result in a miss.

Bow Mount Construction

Hunting can be taxing both to the hunter and his equipment as he faces various difficulties of the terrain while tracking the game. Protecting your camera from dropping, smashing, falling into creeks, and mud is that much easier with a lightweight, firm-grip bow mount.

Bow Mount Versatility

It is difficult to stay focused entirely on the task of executing the shot flawlessly in that final moment before the release. Bow mounts that can hold up to two cameras are an excellent choice if you want to keep your form and technique in check. Additionally, being able to attach action cameras other than GoPro is a huge plus.

So, what bow mounts are best for GoPro?

Let's have a look at the pros and cons of all of the items here.

Official GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount

Official GoPro Bow Mount Product Image on WAC Magazine

One would think the official GoPro Bow mount is the go-to product for bowhunters; however, depending on what you actually need, that might not be the case. Don't get me wrong, it's a high-quality product, built to last, and can fit any hunter's essential gear list. You can attach the mount to guns and rifles, and fishing rods, making it an excellent choice if you can use the versatility. The lack of padding, though, where the mount attaches to the weapon of choice, can cause scratching.

The accessory allows you to mount up to two action cameras and face them either way. Pointing both camera's lenses to the pray will get you a 360-degree view of the hunt. The bow mount's weight is shown to be its downside. Attaching it with the camera to a bow may compromise your aim, so be sure you either practice archery with the accessory attached or use counter-weights.

If you can counter the two downsides with the official GoPro Gun/Rod/Bow Mount, this is definitely a product built to last many hunting seasons.

WAC Magazine Score: 4/5

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Bowfinger Archery ZX5 Bow Camera Mount

Bowfinger Archery ZX5 Bow Camera Mount Official Image - Product Photo on WAC Magazine

The Bowfinger Archery ZX5 bow mount for action cameras sets out to be the go-to choice for bow hunters.

Made exclusively for bow hunting and praised on the Bowtech forums, the bow mount features a stabilizer with two mounting holes you can use to counterbalance its weight, removing the inconvenience which other products on the list have. The bow mount is constructed from CNC Machined Billet Aluminium, a lightweight material known for its durability.

The practicality of Bowfinger Archery ZX5 may come into question depending on your gear - if you are wearing gloves, for example, and the size of the camera's housing. When set up, the mount might cause problems as there is very little room between the mounted camera and your hand. 

Overall, Bowfinger Archery ZX5 is a well-designed, well-executed, affordable alternative to the official GoPro bow mount. Make sure you keep your equipment in mind when considering to purchase, as you may or may not have issues with the product's downsides.

WAC Magazine Score: 3/5

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Oumers Universal Camera Bow Mount Kit

Oumers Universal Camera Bow Mount Kit Product Image on WAC Magazine

Oumers Universal Camera Bow Mount Kit is an affordable version of the official GoPro bow mount and its successor when it comes to versatility.

The bow mount is compatible with all GoPro products thanks to the clamp design, which allows you to mount up to two action cameras at once and record your form and the pray.

If you occasionally go fishing or instead of bowhunting you opt for something with a bang, the value you get from this one kit is that much greater as the bow mount can be attached to fishing poles, as well as guns and rifles. And that's where problems start. Many people complained about the bow mounts build and fragility, although all the durability issues seem to result from attaching it to shotguns and rifles - weapons with heavy recoil.

However, what levels the playing field is the fact that the company offers a refund or a replacement, something we think shouldn't be overlooked.

So, if you are looking for an affordable product that gets the job done, consider Oumers Universal Camera Bow Mount Kit.

WAC Magazine Score: 2/5

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MEINUOKE Camera & Smartphone Combo Bow Mount for GoPro

MEINUOKE Camera & Smartphone Combo Bow Mount for GoPro Product Image on WAC Magazine

MEINUOKE Camera & Smartphone Combo Bow Mount for GoPro offers compatibility like no other item on this list. Heck, this beauty doesn't even require you to have an action camera!

Constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy, the bow mount is durable enough to withstand the rigorous terrain of almost any hunting ground. Its tether rubber fix system will make sure your camera or phone won't fall off, prowl or chase.

The drawback of the combo bow mount is the weight when you attach your camera. Even though the used materials are light, the mount may offset your aim when you combine everything together. If you were to use a mobile phone, then (depending on the model) this isn't an issue.

MEINUOKE Camera & Smartphone Combo Bow Mount's price range falls somewhere in the middle. Considering the fact you do not have to own an action camera, we believe this might be an excellent solution for many hunters who want to test their hunting video recording skills.

WAC Magazine Score: 4/5

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VGSION Sportsman Camera Clamp Gun/Rod/Bow Mount for GoPro

Product Image of VGSION Sportsman Bow Mount for GoPro on WAC Magazine

VGSION Sportsman Bow Mount for GoPro is a well-thought-out product that delivers all-round performance without excelling at any one of them.

The bow mount is constructed from metal and plastic, supporting the camera where it is necessary while remaining lightweight and somewhat prone to wear-and-tear. The product's strength comes from the firm grip and stability when attached to a bow stabilizer, allowing you to focus on the hunt and the environment and not worrying whether or not your camera will fall off.

VGSION Sportsman Bow Mount for GoPro is a simple, affordable solution for many hunters out there, and considering the fact that the product is Jack-of-all-Trades, it's no wonder why it's often sold out.

WAC Magazine Score: 4/5

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