Best Transmitters For RC Drones And Planes

Best Transmitters For RC Drones And Planes

Every RC drone or place needs a transmitter to fly it, and while there are many available in the market, you need to find one that’s perfect for you. In fact, the right or wrong transmitter can make or break your play time with your drone.

A transmitter is basically a controller for the drone that wirelessly sends it commands. There are different features you should compare and see which one fits you best.


A usual transmitter comes with 6 channels. Channels are the dimensions of a model’s movement. For instance, one channel is used to fly forward while another to fly backwards. It is good to have more channels than you need so you can configure it in more complex ways.


Modes refer to the configuration of the transmitter’s control sticks and gimbals, and there are 4 modes to fly with. Most transmitters come in Mode 2 as it is the most preferred by pilots.

Receiver compatibility

Transmitters need to transmit data to receivers on the drone. This is why they need to be compatible so check on how easy it will be to pair the receiver with the transmitter you are purchasing.


You may have just one or a couple of drones right now, but with time your collection will grow and if you want to use the same transmitter with all of them you need one with a big model memory. Most come with space for around 20 models, but there are options to use SD cards as well to increase this exponentially.


You need to plan for an unfortunate event where you may lose connection with your drone and could misplace it. Check what onboard components the model has to work when the connection between the transmitter and drone is lost.

Here are some of the best-rated transmitters for 2017 that can help you experience flying in a better and more professional way!

The FrSky Taranis X9D Plus Radio Transmitter is a high-quality product that has a great look and an ergonomic feel. It features incredible range with its 2.4GHz and comes equipped with a large backlit LCD that provides fliers with all the information regarding the drone.

Devised around the OPEN TX software, this transmitter has 8 programmable switches, 2 twist knobs, and 2 easy slider sticks. It has up to 16 channels and also comes with a SD card slot, full telemetry capability, and RSSI signal.Read full review

The Futaba 6J S-FHSS Radio Transmitter is a 2-stick, 6-channel transmitter that comes with the R2006GS receiver. It is easy to use and navigate through menus, even letting users allot specific mixing functions to the switch they prefer.

With fast response speed and a wide range of features, it has a big 15-model memory, and includes airplane and heli software. The LCD screen shows plenty of vital information for flying.Read full review

The Turnigy 9X Transmitter is a budget choice that comes with 8 channels to fly with complex drones. It features a number of improvements over its predecessor and is an easy to use model with a little practice. It comes with built-in 2.4GHZ technology that will help reduce interference with other drones around.

The transmitter has a great range of about 1500 feet (500m.) and allows convenient flying. The look and feel of the controller is that of a much more expensive version and the features can compete with better models as well.Read full review

The Spektrum DX6 DSMX Transmitter is a well design and ergonomic transmitter that features comfortable rubber grips. With 5 menu languages, users have the option for an LCD screen to view drone statistics and settings on.

The transmitter also has 6 channels, 10 model profiles, 6 two-way switches and utilizes DSMX technology. It is very easy to configure and the selector interface is also great for use by beginners.

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