November, 2, 17

The bright future of eSports


The bright future of eSports

Olympic games are not the only sports event worth keeping in your calendar. The rise of eSports has shown many people now streaming the video-game competitions which were in the past famous only within a niche group of fanatics. A lot of these fanatics are now acknowledged professionals earning more money than most people with the regular job can ever dream of. eSports is a fast-developing sector and is sure to find its place amongst the biggest sports events.

There is still time to join in! This amazing sector is constantly looking for people to help it spread faster and further. You could, of course, join in as a player, but other interesting paths are open to you as well. Artistic people might be interested in game design or composing music for them, while others would maybe prefer the position of the international tax manager. All these positions help leading one of the most exciting new trends into a reality accessible to many. Check the Computer Planet infographic to see how eSports developed over time and you will see the bright future that lies ahead.  

computer planet
Alexa K