DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – Gesture

DJI Intelligent Flight Modes – Gesture

DJI’s recent drones like the Spark come with some great features as well as innovative ways to control the drone. It can be piloted using a smartphone, a remote controller as well as hand gestures! This means that you can get the perfect shot of you whenever you want without having to do it through a device.

What is Gesture?

Gesture is an intelligent flight mode from DJI that can be found in their drones like the DJI Spark and the DJI Mavic Pro. It has made aerial filming and drone controlling much easier and removed the need to use devices to fly the drone.

With intuitive technology and deep learning gesture recognition, DJI’s Gesture Mode allows users to snap photos, control the drone, track themselves and more by using simple hand motions.

It has 2 sub modes that fliers can choose from:


Easily let the drone take pictures of you by raising your arms, waving your hand, or making a frame with your fingers.


This mode is only available on the Spark and not on the Mavic Pro. The Spark can recognize your palm and then follow your hand movements. It can also take off and land on your palm.


How to use Gesture?

From the intelligent modes menu, select Gesture to start using this mode. Raise your arms and create a Y shape for the drone to lock on to you. Once that happens it will follow you around and by making a frame with your fingers you can instruct the drone to take a picture, without even pressing a button.

Before taking the picture, the drone will flash lights under its body to give you the ready signal before it actually takes the shot 3 seconds later. You can now maneuver the drone and take pictures with the drone always focused on you!

For PalmControl, power on the Spark and place it on your hand with the nose facing towards you at eye level. Press the power button on the drone two times when the yellow lights on the body start flashing, as this will activate FaceWare. Once the drone recognizes you the lights on it will flash green and it will propel into the air.

To start using PalmControl gestures, simple go a little away from the drone and stretch out your palm facing outwards. The drone’s LED lights will flash yellow if it needs you to readjust your position, or green if it has successfully recognized your palm. You can now move your hand in any direction and the drone will follow.

If you wave your arms in the air the drone will fly back and up and start tracking you. You can also use the above mentioned frame gesture to take a selfie.


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