DJI Phantom 3 Family Gets Intelligent Flight Modes

DJI Phantom 3 Family Gets Intelligent Flight Modes

DJI released their third installment to the Phantom 3 series last month – the Phantom 3 Standard drone, with the other 2 being Phantom 3 Advanced and Phantom 3 Professional. in the company's lineup. The company had then promised that the series will be compatible with intelligent flight modes that will release in a new software update and DJI has not disappointed their fans!

The new firmware update was released in September and brings 5 intelligent flight modes to all Phantom 3 series, out of which 4 are also available for the DJI Inspire 1. All the modes will need a strong GPS signal to work.

The 5 intelligent flight modes are:

Course Lock – allows the drone to make all the flight controls relative to the drone's present heading, irrespective of the direction the camera is facing.

Follow Me – allows the drone to follow the flier by tracking the transmitter and smartphone at a set altitude and distance. This mode isn’t available for the DJI Inspire 1.

Home Lock – allows the drone to make all the flight controls always relative to the pilot.

Point of Interest – allows the drone to circle a specific point while focusing the camera at the target throughout. Only the altitude, distance, point of focus and speed need to be manually adjusted.

Waypoints – allows fliers to record a complicated flight path, which is followed by the drone autonomously. The angle of the camera can also be adjusted, which can also be saved for replicating later.

According to DJI, this firmware upgrade will also increase the maximum video resolution for Phantom 3 Advanced to 2704x1520p/30fps from 1080p/60fps, making it at par with the Phantom 3 Standard.


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