Dragon Age: Inquisition - Astrarium Puzzle Solutions

January, 10, 15

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Astrarium Puzzle Solutions

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition - Astrarium Puzzle Solutions
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Astrarium Puzzle Solutions

While playing in the five areas of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you will have to do some constellation challenges called the Astrarium puzzles. The trick to solve these is to connect all the dots in a particular order, so that you get the right image. For instance, imagine the shape of the constellations like The Plough or Orion's Belt to understand how to connect the dots.

The challenges start on an easy level but get more difficult as you progress in the game. They are significant because when you finish the three sets of puzzles, you will be guided towards a cave that has a lot of important gear.

This guide will help you complete all the Astrarium puzzles and reach the loot easily.

The Hinterland Astrarium puzzles

You'll find the first Astrarium puzzle to the south-east of this area. You cannot retrace your steps once you've drawn a line, so the trick is to connect all the dots together nice and efficiently. Here's the solution you need - as with all the puzzle solutions in this guide, simply start at the star marked 1 and continue all the way around until you reach the final number.

The Redcliffe Courts camp Astrarium puzzle

For the next puzzle, make your way to the camp at the courts of Redcliffe. The puzzle's located in the hills, and you should be able to spot the location from the main house here. Here's the solution to this next relatively simple puzzle.

South of the camp at Redcliffe

The last Astrarium puzzle in this region is located in the most dangerous area, so it's best left until a little later on. Once you're around level six or seven though, you simply need to head towards the southern farms, kill the bandits, then head up the path on the hill to find the next one.

Once you've solved it, either fast travel or walk back to camp. From there, head east through the gorge and across the river. When you reach the other side, go up the hills and through the canyon until you come to a forest. From here you should have no trouble finding the cave containing the treasure.

Morrin's Outlook Astrarium puzzle

You'll find the first of this region's puzzles on the peninsula of Morrin's Outlook. Head along the west coast, then get on the eastern hill of the peninsula. Find the big statue and you should be able to spot the Astrarium.

Cliffside Astrarium puzzle

You'll find the next puzzle on the cliffs to the west of this region. As always, refer to our diagram and simply start at the star marked with a 1, then work your way sequentially through the rest of the numbers.

North Astrarium puzzle

Things get really interesting with the final puzzle in the Storm Coast region. If you're really struggling to join the dots, just use the diagram below to make things easier. Start at 1 and then just take your time working through the numbers.

Once you've solved the puzzle, you'll find the cave you need south of the area. Inside is a small chamber where you'll be able to collect your rewards.

Glenmorgan Mine Astrarium puzzle

Once you reach the mine region, keep heading along the road that takes you there, then go east and along the rough stone steps. When you reach the end of this section, take a left to spy the first of this region's Astrarium puzzles.

Forrester Homestead Astrarium puzzle

Go back to the Three Trout camp, then head south. Close the rift as you travel along the road if you haven't already done so. When you get to Forester Homestead, you'll find the Astrarium to the rear of the court building. Here are the steps you need to take to solve it - take it slowly but surely!

Fisherman's hut Astrarium puzzle

Go along the road that leads to the statue of the kneeling man, then take a right. Head up the hill, then head into the trees on the other side. Approach the hut to locate this final puzzle in Crest Forest.

To get your hand on the bonus treasure, go back to the Three Trout camp, then head south-west. Eventually you'll come to a ravine which leads to the cave. Work your way through it to locate the chest that contains your special loot.

Nettle Pass Astrarium puzzle

Make your way towards Nettle Pass, then climb up the rocks to the south-east. You should be able to spot your first puzzle, so just approach it and interact with it to get things started. There's quite a bit of back-and-forth involved with solving this one, so follow the numbers below to finish it up nice and easily.

North Emerald Graves Astrarium puzzle

The second puzzle can be found in the north of this region, and gets a little fiddly as you approach the centre of the puzzle. Here's our step-by-step guide to solving it.

Harrow Astrarium puzzle

Make your way west from Briatho's Camp until you find a gravel road that leads west. Go up the cliffs to the south of here to find a small path that leads you to the puzzle. The solution is below.

To find the cave with the treasure, head south towards the gorge with the pair of owl statues. Keep going along it all the way to the end, then head to the chamber in the cave that has a chest in it.

The fortress Astrarium puzzle

Head to the fortress in this region, then find the lookout tower on the south-eastern wall. Climb up the ladder nearby and you'll soon see the Astrarium. Here's the solution - start at 1 and then work your way sequentially through each number.

Prison Astrarium puzzle

The next Astrarium can be found in the far north of the region, where the quest "Trouble with the Darkspawn" takes place. Head towards the prison, then look west to find the second puzzle. Here's the solution:

Echo Back Astrarium puzzle

You won't be able to reach the final Astrarium in this zone without completing the quest mentioned above. Once it's done, make your way to the Echo Back camp, then head south into the canyon and keep heading in that direction until you find a cave. Go through it to reach the last Astrarium.

The cave with your loot is on the other side of the map. Look left of the ruins in the north-east section of this region. The cave is nearby, and the chest is located inside.



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