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Dragon Age: Inquisition - How To Survive In A Multiplayer


Dragon Age: Inquisition - How To Survive In A Multiplayer

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a critically acclaimed action fantasy RPG me that lets players create a character by choosing its race and class and then exploring the mystic and magical world.

You can make friends while playing the game and ask them to also make some vital decisions. Inquisition has a vast gameplay and has stunning in its graphical and environmental features.

The game was released on 18 November 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The game’s developers have shared a few survival tips for the players to use. These have been taken from the studio team members and will help in playing the game with ease.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - How To Survive In A Multiplayer

Below are the tips and tricks that were made available (Dragon Age):

·                 It's a four-player co-op, dungeon-crawling action! XP and gold earned in a match are shared with everyone on the team. Play and work together, communicate and mark your targets using the callouts (Up on the D-Pad for controllers).

·                 In the role of an agent of the Inquisition, player's skill set will be more specialized than that of the Inquisitor, meaning your ability trees are more focused on that character's particular strengths. You must own that role and play your part in the group to have the best chance at success.

·                 Similar to the single player campaign, there are three core classes:

                  Warrior - Starter: Legionnaire - The Tank: Protect your allies and build Guard by using Shield Wall to fend off incoming enemy attacks.

                  Rogue - Starter: Archer - The DPS: Deal as much damage as possible to your enemies from range.

                  Mage - Starter: Keeper - The Support/Protector: Protect your allies by casting Barrier on them, especially the Warrior tanking on the frontlines.

·             Multiplayer mode is balanced for four players. It will be difficult to play less than four.

·             A balanced party allows for greater tactics and options. It's best to have a variety of characters and classes in your party for all matches. Having one of each core class will allow players to open all treasure room and shortcut doors in a match.

·             Communication is the key. Use the headsets and chat with the team members.

·             Make a quick stop at the Store tile in the menu to grab your FREE Inquisition Surplus Crate, and then head to the Inventory tile to equip your new loot.

·             No tactical camera in Multiplayer, so teamwork is crucial.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - How To Survive In A Multiplayer

How to prepare for a match and get going:

·      Check your loadout.

·      Check your potions.

·      Save any Jar of Bees for the last boss fights.

·      Confirm and equip if you have new items, armor, or weapons.

·      Players will be able to salvage lower level items when they earn newer weapons or items of higher level. It can used in new upgrades and will also allow them to unlock new characters via the Armor Crafting screen.

Tips for strategizing:

·      Play your role.

·      Watch for enemy archers.

·      Work together and stick together.

·      Wild creatures can distract enemies for a sometime but they can be dangerous if provoked.

Dragon Age Inquisition prepare

Apart from the above tips, Reddit user, Arthmost has also disclosed a few general tips and tricks for Dragon Age: Inquisition:

·                 Dispel Magic prevents spawning of Rift demons if you cast it at their spawn locations (bright spots on the ground). The brighter the spot, the stronger the demon that is about to spawn. Using this spell wisely can turn the tide of battle.

·                 Currently the Knight Enchanter / Reaver / Tempest specializations are plain OP. Don't heavily invest into them.

·                 Extra Agents fill the Inquisition perks category requirements. So, if you want a certain perk that, say, requires 4 points spent in that category, you could just look for a couple of Agents in that category that will make up for these points.

·                 Don't take the Charging Bull ability for your tank if you don't plan to use it yourself directly.

·                 You can boost your Influence for gold at Skyhold. One of the merchants sells various trade contracts in different price ranges - you can buy those in packs to slightly/averagely/substantially increase your Influence. This only becomes available after completing an operation at War Table named Strike a Bargain with Merchant Princes.

·                 You can respec (reallocate skill points) your character and companions by purchasing an epic amulet in the Undercroft of Skyhold for ~300 gold. It will break upon equipping it, refunding all your skill points.

·                 If you're a melee - when holding the attack button also hold the movement button in the direction of your enemy. This will make the character focused to it and chases it whenever it tries to get away.