DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Drone

Drone Features

Motor Type: 

MT1806 1800kv Brushless Motors

Battery Flight Time: 

20 minutes

Remote Frequency: 

2.4 GHz


300 to 500 meters

The DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Drone comes equipped with new brushless metal motors that are best in class and provide a safe, powerful and stable flight. These MT1806 1800kv Brushless Motors are cost-efficient and excellent quality. This is because they don’t overheat and melt or fray and spark.

The drone does not come with a camera of its own but comes with a mount that can attach a GoPro action camera (or other cameras with similar dimensions) on it. The camera can help in providing some spectacular images and videos seamlessly with the drone.

Users can also mount the 5.8G FPV Camera C5820 that comes along with a 5.8G Receiver screen 4.3-inch/ 7-inch LCD Display.

A great feature of this drone is that it can communicate to and fro between itself and the controller- Two-way communication. Most system work in a way that only the controller sends signals, but with this DROCON drone, it communicates back! This feature provides you a high responsive drone without any noticeable delay in control.  

The drone features a great flight time of up to 20 minutes thanks to its highly efficient brushless motors. It uses a 7.4V 1800 mAh high capacity battery to power the functions.

When it comes to flight range, users can fly their drone from a distance of 300 to 500 meters away. No need to worry if your drone has flown a little far, the 2.4G frequency technology’s Long Control Range wouldn’t let anything happen to the drone.

The powerful brushless motors along with 6-Axis Gyro also provide a stable flight. The drone has bright LED lights on its body to make it distinguishable in the night sky. 



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