DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC drone

Drone Features

Body Size: 

Unfolded: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.7 cm, Folded: 5 x 5 x 2.7 cm

Battery Flight Time: 

5 to 7 minutes

Battery Charge Time: 

40 to 60 minutes

The DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC drone is the perfect choice for kids and beginner drone fliers due to its great stability and easy to operate functions. It comes along with some great features that make flying easier and allows you more time to have fun.

Some of the drone’s special flight features include Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One Key Backward, One Key Take Off and Landing, Lock and Unlock. With the touch of a button, the drone can also hover in place and start spinning.

The design and size of the drone make it very easy to carry with you. This compact drone is foldable and can be fitted inside the controller for safe carrying, allowing you to have both the necessary components on you when needed.

Fliers also have access to a bright LED searchlight that is located on the drone’s head for easier night flying functions. Choose from 3 different modes – low, medium and high, to change speed and adjust to what suits you best.

The DROCON Scouter Foldable Mini RC drone features a flight time of 5 to 7 min and a complete charging time of 40 to 60 minutes. There are 2 ways to charge the drone – one uses the normal USB Charging Cable, but there is also one more built-in charging cable inside the controller that allows you to conveniently charge the drone when the controller is on.



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