Drone Pit Stop Tablet Holder Adapter

Drone Pit Stop Tablet Holder Adapter

The Drone Pit Stop Tablet Holder Adapter is made for a variety of smartphone and tablet models that fit 11.5 cm - 18.6 cm in size. It is the perfect accessory for drone enthusiasts that helps in adding an FPV screen to the drone’s transmitter. Since the DJI Mavic Air records amazing video, it will be a pleasure to watch your drone fly and see what it is recording at the same time.

The mount has been made from molded plastic that makes it strong yet lightweight, not adding weight on your transmitter. Easy to attach and detach, it features adjustable height and 360-degree rotation. The mounting of the smartphone or tablet on top of the controller makes the user get an unobstructed view, making it more comfortable and easy to use for longer periods of time. Also, the ease of using your own device helps in reducing expenses as you don’t need to pay extra for a transmitter with a screen on it. 



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