GoPro Case Sizes, Review & Options Guide

GoPro Case Sizes, Review & Options Guide

The GoPro cameras have been built for action and adventure and are quite rugged on their own – they can be used in dusty and difficult terrains, they work under water and they can even be attached to drones in the air. But even your toughest little soldier needs some protection from time to time.

The GoPro cameras do have some delicate parts that you would want to keep safe and protected. For instance, the LCD screen located at the back of the camera can get scratched when you aren’t paying attention and are busy skiing or climbing a mountain.

So how do you protect your expensive investment?

While the GoPro’s do come with a sturdy housing, sometimes a case to carry it is your best option. Not only will the case be a convenient place to store your camera safely when not in use, it will also let you keep all the big and small accessories that come with it.

There are different case sizes and depending on the size you choose you can fit in a number of different GoPro accessories into it. It also helps you keep them segregated and all in one place for you to quickly pick when you want to go on your next adventure.

GoPro cases and bags are also a blessing when you are travelling and need to carry all your paraphernalia with you. Not only will all your precious things be kept inside safely, the bags themselves have been designed to have a minimum impact on the contents inside in case of an accident or fall.

Most of them have a foam interior that has cut outs for specific accessories and they fit in perfectly, not moving even when you are on the move.

Here’s a list of the best GoPro cases and bags that you can use along with your camera. The cases are arranged from the smaller sized to the larger sized.

The Smatree® SmaCase G75- Small Gopro Case is a hard case that protects your GoPro camera and its screen from any damage that could occur due to accidental falls, scratches or dust and water. Made specifically for the GoPro HERO 3 or GoPro HD Hero , it can house batteres, Housing Doors, cable, thumbscrew, SD Memory Cards and curved mount.

It has a foam interior with shaped compartments for keeping all the items in place and not fall down. It is a good option when you want to invest in a small case that is easy to carry around and can hold all your important accessories.Read full review

The Custom GoPro Case w/ Foam Interior is a small sized case that lets you keep your camera and some of its most important accessories conveniently in one place and provides complete protection from scratches, bumps or accidents.

The custom cut foam is high density and keeps all the items absolutely secure, safe and organized. They will not come out of their spot or shift even when you are on the move. It is also equipped with a soft elastic mesh on the inside for keeping some miscellaneous items as well.

Portable, water resistant and lightweight, this case accommodates...Read full review

Drone and quadcopter protection, as well as the action camera attached to it, is an important issue for flying enthusiasts since the chances of their aerial machine breaking or getting damaged is quite high. It’s next to impossible to always keep your drone safe and not let it break, so how can you find the best way to keep it protected at all times?

If not while flying, then you can ensure to maintain complete protection for your quadcopter by using a protective case when it’s in storage and when you need to carry it around. Drone Pit Stop has come out with a new product for mini...Read full review

The Smatree® SmaCase G160 is a medium sized Gopro Case that keeps the GoPro HERO cameras (HERO4/3+/3/2/1) and its accessories properly organized and protected due to its perfectly cut foam interior. It also has an elastic mesh pocket with zipper to store other items.

Equipped with a hand strap and carabiner loop, you can effortlessly and conveniently carry it around. The loop can also be attached to another big bag or your belt. It is a great option when you want to invest in a medium sized case that is good for travelling with and can also hold all your important accessories.Read full review

The Carbon Fiber GoPro Case has a design made especially for the GoPro Hero 4 or 3+ cameras and its accessories. The compartments inside hold all the items in place and will keep them snug, due to the case’s Anti-Shock EVA Padding Material. On the outside, it is firm, lightweight and tough and has been made from Carbon Fiber to give complete protection.

The whole case is waterproof and its zippers too are sturdy and don’t let any unwanted substances enter the case. It also comes with a carrying strap that can be attached to your bag for convenient travelling.Read full review

The DURAGADGET GoPro case is rugged and water-resistant, making it perfect for use in any condition. The rucksack or backpack has been made using nylon and features a customizable interior with a large storage space for your action camera and some of its most important accessories.

The inside of the bag has well made compartments that depending on the size of the item can fit a few inside. The secure zip closure also has a water-resistant lining and is well attached, keeping all the products safe inside. Velcro dividers, netted storage and front pocket zip compartment provide extra...Read full review

The Smatree® SmaCase GA500 has been created to protect and safely keep the GoPro HERO4 and HERO3+ action cameras and their accessories inside. Created with ABS materials, this case is lightweight and waterproof and makes a good place to keep all the things when not in use or when travelling.

It keeps all the products inside in a great state without you having to worry about scratches, dust or accidents. Its perfectly shaped compartments keep things I place and the larger space inside can be used to keep items such as head straps or chest strap belts.Read full review

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