HexH2o Waterproof Drone

Drone Features

Body Size: 

W740 x H240 x L650 mm

Battery Flight Time: 

15 to 25 mins

Remote Frequency: 

2.4 and 5 GHz



The HexH2o Waterproof Drone is a waterproof multirotor that houses a gimbal, allowing users to record completely stabilized video from both the air as well as under water.

Created by QuadH2o, the drone has been made using Epoxy fiber composite that makes its body very sturdy, lightweight and rugged, and the booms, top plate and motor mounts have been made from carbon. The viewing dome on the body has been made from Perspex, and the back hatch as well as many internal parts have been 3D printed.

QuadH2o HexH2o Waterproof Drone

Even though is made as a watertight unit, it does have 2 breather tubes that let the barometer measure the outside air pressure.

It uses a DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal and has been designed specially for the GoPro 3, 3+ or 4, and the combined power of these two provides some amazing videos. To film under water, the camera of the drone sits just below the waterline instead of completing submerging under, and can be moved up to 90 degrees for vertical filming.

QuadH2o HexH2o Waterproof Drone

The HexH2o Waterproof Drone uses 2 Li-Po batteries at the same time, and it has a flight time of up to 25 minutes. You can also use just one battery and will then have a flight time of about 15 minute.

The drone uses a DJI NazaV2 flight controller with GPS that is great for use with multirotor drones, and has a range of 1000m. It also features a FlySky Black Pearl monitor that has a TFT LCD Screen with LED backlight and 1024 × 600 resolution. It has various features like Multiple Autopilot Control Mode, Enhanced Fail-safe, Low Voltage Protection, S-Bus Receiver Support, PPM Receiver Support and an Independent PMU Module.



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