How to choose a power bank?

How to choose a power bank?

While you can always plug your phone to a wall socket and charge it, it becomes quite cumbersome when you need to move around a lot. This is why you should invest in a good power bank charger that can help you easily keep your battery full at all times.

A power bank is essentially a portable charger that you can carry with you anywhere you go and plug into your phone or tablet to charge, whether you are at home, in the car or out travelling. There are many options available in the market, but before you pick one consider a few points first.

1. Capacity

The main feature most important to charging will be the capacity of the power bank. This is calculated in mAH or milli Ampere Hour. You can’t accurately gauge how many times a certain power bank will charge your phone, but generally more the mAH means more the capacity. So for instance, if your phone has a 1500 mAH battery, a power bank with the same mAH should completely charge it once.

2. USB port

You need to make sure that the power bank is compatible with your phone’s charging port. As many different models are available, you may be able to find a certain power bank designed specially for your phone or tablet model. Incase this is not an option, you can also get a cable that will easily attach the two.

3. Price

There will be many price ranges for you to choose from but don’t be fooled by low price products as they may be harmful for the phone. Such low price power banks may contain low quality or refurbished batteries and can short circuit and damage your phone.

4. Portability

The whole point of using a power bank is due to the fact hat you can charge your phone on the go. So, make sure you pick a power bank that will be easy for you to carry around with you and is not too intrusive and cumbersome.  

Here are some good options for you to choose from:

1. RAVPower 3rd Gen Deluxe 15000mAh External Battery – $38.99

The power bank by RAVPower uses iSmart technology to increase the compatibility of charging any smartphone, be it an Android, Apple or other devices, and enables charge speeds of about 4 amps. The battery is compact and portable, and also has the option of charging two devices at the same time.

Its huge 15000mAh capacity can charge an iPhone 5s almost 7 times, a Galaxy S5 over 4 times or an iPad Air once! It also has 4 status LEDs to keep you updated about its remaining capacity. Its built-in flashlight is also great for dark or low-light environments.

The power bank uses an ultra reliable Samsung Lithium-Ion battery with over 500 battery charge cycles and it has a security protection design along with short-circuit and over-current protection. It automatically shuts down if a short circuit or overload output occurs while it is charging.

2. Innogie eLite Series – $19.99

The Innogie eLite Series power bank is compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices and has the ability to charge at speeds of up to 1 amp. The 3000mAh power bank can add one complete charge or 7 hours talk time to an iPhone, almost a full charge to a Galaxy S5 or 1 full charge (70+ hours of audio playback) with most other phones.

Its stylish, aluminum design is easy to carry around and it can fit easily into your bag or pocket. The power bank uses Samsung Grade A cells and premium microchips to ensure reliability and safety. It only takes about 3-4 hours via AC 0.8 amp adapter (not included) to charge itself.

The whole package contains the power bank along with Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, and 24 month hassle free warranty.

3. Bolse 7 Port Wall/ Desktop Charger – $35.99

The Bolse 7 Port Wall/ Desktop Charger can charge 7 devices simultaneously and is compatible with all electronic devices through their USB charger cord. Its SmartIC™ Technology perfectly distributes the charge to each connected device individually and simultaneously, automatically identifying what you have plugged. Once the battery is completely charged, the power bank will itself stop dispensing power to that specific device.

It has AC 110-220V input voltage for any international or European travel along with an included detachable 5 FT / 1.5M power cord. It is compact in size and can be carried around easily. Its soft LED Indication Light starts blinking when your device has been fully charged.

It is also extremely safe as each USB port on the Bolse power bank has been equipped with an over current, over voltage, and short circuit protector that takes care of possible risks to mobile devices that have been connected.


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