How to Create a Catchy Brand

How to create a catchy brand

Long ago, the entrepreneur’s success mainly depended on how advantageous the shop/service location was or how eloquently he or she told about own products and services. Plenty of businessmen with great ideas and really good products broke down getting lost in the competition with unscrupulous rivals. Certainly, they were known in the local area, but hadn’t a chance to become popular in international market.

Today the right brand could make all your wishes reality. It is your opportunity to begin serious game and succeed in it. If you are sure that your product or services are good, your offer has advantages on other similar offers, make your original brand name and get ready to take over the world!

But first learn what your brand should represent and what mistakes could nullify all your building a recognizable brand efforts.

It is all about pedantry

One of the most important qualities in brand creation is pedantry. Let’s skip all your inner searches, the process of understanding what your brand is for you and what you can offer customers, finding your uniqueness and pretend that you already have some ideas about your brand name. Write them down and begin immensely painstaking research.

Check the brand bases

Begin with checking the brand bases. You could easily find such services via the web. For example, provides users with brand names sorted by geography and alphabet.

If there are some brand names similar to yours, take it off the table. Perhaps, at first, customers will be mixing up your company and other, popular one, and it brings you some money. But it won’t last long, and anyway it will be better to become recognizable with own new name to keep it in the future and bathe in the glory just by yourself.

Check the domains

Check if there is a domain like your brand name is free. You could use resource or any other website which provide such services. It is really cool and earnestly when company has the same site name and company name.

Looking for a domain, choose the domains in .com zone. The reason of such preference is the Google search character. If there are domains,,, etc., and the user googles word “brand”, most likely will be shown at the first position on the first page. Such choice will save you money for further website optimization and bring more clients to your page.

Don’t use both in brand name and URL abbreviations or long phrases. Your name needs to be simple, short (domain name should to be not more than 12-14 symbols) and have one possible pronouncing. Though, you could use numbers, if they are used like a word or a part of a word, for example, 4 as “for”, like in, 8 as “at”, like in “sk8er”, etc. Also, it will be better if there are no hyphens in your brand and website name. People usually forget such details and wouldn’t be able to find your company on the Internet or will tell wrong name other people.

Check the trademarks

As well, take advantage of Trademark electronic search service (TESS) to make sure that there is no registered trademark similar to a brand idea you are planning to incarnate. Don’t neglect this stage, it is more important than it seems at first. If you created a brand, registered a domain, and after that find out there is a registered trademark exactly like your website name, you will have a lot of troubles. The trademark owner has all the rights to take your domain, and it is really hard to protect it. There will be litigations, nerves and regrets. So, be wise and make a clever move in advance.

How does it sound?

Then monitor how your brand name sounds in other languages and slangs. Sometimes, it could be a real disaster. Here we can refresh in memory Ford’s blunder with their car model Pinto. When they begin to sell it in Brazil market, they failed as didn’t consider “Pinto” in Brazilian Portuguese means “tiny male genitals”. There is no need to tell how unsuccessful this marketing company was. So, make sure your brand name sounds good, not stupid and not offensive in the languages of the countries where you plan to sell your products or services.

What color is it?

The next step is the color. Each color represents something, for example, green is associated with nature, white with pureness, orange with happiness, etc. Choose colors which related to your business the most.

Pay attention, that one color could have different meaning in different cultures. So, check it too.

Definitely, these facts based on several peoples’ opinions, but still creating a brand it is necessary to take it into account. Also, like with your brand name, your brand color shouldn’t copy your competitors’ brand colors.

Increase your chances of having a great brand

Brand creating is hard work, but if you will follow mentioned rules and be consistent you will create a catchy brand for sure. To increase your chances of having a great brand name and make it recognizable faster be:


Your brand needs to be clear to the customers. They have to understand what you offer everywhere and any time (examples: Facebook, General Motors).


Relay your traits and purposes (examples: KIA (it meansAsian ascension” in Korean), Nike (Goddess of Victory)).


Think imaginary and create visual message. We think with images, so customers rather remember brand which could be seen as a picture than just a meaningless phrase or word (examples: Twitter, Caterpillar).


Make people feel, appeal to their emotions, spirits (examples: Nestle (it means “bird-nest” in German), Hello Kitty).


Your name should be simple, compact and clear. Avoid words which could be pronounced differently or letters’ adjacency which could provoke a distorted sense (examples: MasterCard, Amazon).

Be as good as your word

Brand is the customers’ first impression of your company. It lives separately from you. The customer sees it in the street, hears it from people, and finds it in the Internet. That’s why it is so important to create a simple brand which will make people smile or evoke them with things they love or need at the moment.

Again, the brand traffic is the most stable traffic. It depends on word of mouth and once it begins increasing it will show permanent rise.

And bear in your mind that a brand is a promise, so it has to match the reality, as if you don’t fulfil your promises no one will cooperate with you, no matter how excellent your brand is. 

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