How To Install And Set Up The SJ4000 Dash Camera

How To Install And Set Up The SJ4000 Dash Camera

Have you ever wondered how people manage to capture some amazing footage when in their car? Do you too want to one of those people who record videos that go viral – a fast approaching tornado caught while on a drive or a huge highway car pile up accident?

An average person spends more than 4.3 years in a vehicle, so why not stay ready when something cool happens. Or just record videos from your travels and adventures.

Whatever your reason for choosing to install a dash camera in your car, the installation and set up of the SJ4000 is easy, quick and convenient.

Things you need

·      SJ4000

·      Dash camera accessory kit

There are various dash camera accessory kits now available in the market that will aid you in turning your sports action camera into a convenient dash cam instead. You will have to use the included belt clip that is attached to the suction cup window mount.

How To Install And Set Up The SJ4000 Dash Camera

How to install

Step 1 – Setting options

Put the SJ4000 in “Car Mode” through the main menu. You can also correctly set up the date and time on the camera to get a “Date Stamp” on the camera footage.

Step 2 – Mount the suction cup

Mount the suction cup window mount on the windshield, at a spot that is convenient for you. Ensure that you clean the glass before mounting it as elements like grease and debris will prevent it from being tightly attached.

Step 3 – Plug into cigarette lighter

Plug in the automotive charging cable to the cigarette lighter and select a power point that switches off as the car switches off. This way the camera will automatically turn on and start recording when you put on the car, and turn off when you turn off the ignition.

In case the cigarette lighter is still supplying power even after the car is off, then you will have to manually unplug it or it will continue recording.

Step 4 – When the memory card is full

After you start recording your footage, the memory card will start filling up. Once it is completely full a “Memory Card Full” warning will start showing. The fastest way of resetting the card would be to “format” it. Here’s how:

·      Press the mode buttons thrice to get to the settings menu

·      Find the “Format” option by pressing the UP arrow

·      Press OK

·      Select OK when the confirmation menu pops up

And you are done! Installing and setting up the SJ4000 as a dash camera is fairy simple and quick, and allows you to record every part of your car journey, whether you are on an adventure, witnessing something amazing or just taking a car ride with your loved ones.


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