How To Waterproof Your Drone Or At Least Protect It

How To Waterproof Your Drone Or At Least Protect It

Drone and quadcopter owners everywhere are always worried about the safety of their aerial machines and the number one concern for them is that their quadcopter can get damaged due to water splashes or rain, or can lose power and get submerged in a water body.

Water damage to drones is serious as not all drones are created to be water proof or even water resistant. While there are some drones that are waterproof, most others will not survive for long when they come in contact with moisture or liquids of any kind.

But in this video uploaded by Flite Test, Peter and Josh will show you how you can protect your drones and its parts from moisture and water damage. By using products like Corrosion-X Heavy Duty, Corrosion-X Aerosol, Corrosion-X and Turbo Coat, they have done an extreme test in the video by completely submerging the products into salt water to show the viewers how effective these sprays are.

Giving very helpful tips and tricks they claim that Corrosion X HD is great for using with servos and to use it you have to open up the casing and spray it on all the components inside. According to them Epoxy is also the best way for you to seal your ESC as hot glue will not be able to work for that.

Watch the video below to know more about the process and waterproof your drone or at least protect it!


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The Corrosion-X Anti-Corrosion Aerosol and Lubricant comes from a line of aviation, automotive, industrial and marine products that are created with specific care and quality expertise. This anti-corrosion aerosol and lubricant is great for use on metal surfaces and helps in protecting it from corrosion and also avoiding their damage. Must have for drone users, Corrosion-X will protect your aerial machine from moisture and water damage to a certain extent.Read full review

The Corrosion-X 90104 Heavy-Duty is great for sealing out moisture from drones and electronics and is safe to use on them. It creates a film on the outside of the product that is self-healing, non-hardening, dripless and dynamic and can persistently resists erosion. It best protects against splashes or sprays of water and even works when the product is fully submerged in saltwater. It also does not easily dry out like other wax coatings and will not stiffen or crack easily. Helps in killing corrosion and prevents it from returning.Read full review

The Corrosion Technologies 91002 CorrosionX trigger spray is one of the best and most effective corrosion prevention sprays available in the market. While this lubricant and penetrant looks like any normal oil-based spray, it actually uses an innovative technology known as Polar Bonding, which is not only very effective in slowing down the corrosion process but it also has the ability to kill present rust and corrosion. It prohibits the rust and corrosion from spreading as well and delivers continuing protection.Read full review

The Techspray 2108-12S Turbo Coat Conformal Coating Rapid Drying is a acrylic conformal coating that has quick drying properties, making it easy and quick to use with your drones and other products. It has the ability to dry tack free within 3 minutes, which is 1/3 the amount of time that other acrylic coating brands take! Full cure can also be attained within 10 minutes with higher temperatures. It has a maximum operating temperature of 257°F (125°C) and a dielectric strength of 1000 volts/mil.Read full review

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