Hubsan H107D FPV Drone

Drone Features

Motor Type: 

Micro Brushed

Body Size: 

4 x 4 x 2 inches

Weight (KG): 


Battery Flight Time: 

7 mins

Battery Charge Time: 

30 mins

Stills Resolution (megapixels): 


Remote Frequency: 

2.4GHz + 5.8GHz Video


328' Wireless Range

Max Video Resolution: 

720P 240/120/60/30 fps

Accessories In Box: 

4-Channel, 2.4GHz Transmitter with FPV Screen for X4 H107D Quadcopter Set of Four Replacement Props for X4 Quadcopters Protection Ring for X4 H107C and H107D Quadcopters Replacement Rubber Feet for X4 H107D Quadcopter X4 Quadcopter Rechargeable Flight Battery (3.7V, 380mAh LiPo) USB Charger for X4 H107C and H107D Quadcopter Flight Battery Propeller Blade Removal Wrench for X4 H107C and H107D Quadcopters

The Hubsan H107D X4 Quadcopter is a palm sized quadcopter that has an integrated FPV camera. This amazing FPV, or first-person view, camera captures 720 x 240 resolution SD video and can take 0.3 MP still photos.

It communicates wirelessly on 5.8GHz, and lets you to record video and capture pictures using a MicroSD memory card slot that has been built into the transmitter. The MicroSD card is not included with the quadcopter, and the transmitter supports capacities up to 16GB.

The Hubsan H107D also features a 4-channel, 2.4GHz transmitter (TX) that has a range of up to 328', varying in different conditions. The transmitter is equipped with a 4.3 LCD screen that lets you to overseer real-time video from the FPV camera. It also ahs the ability to show fundamental flight telemetry statistics to keep you updated with what is happening to the mini drone while it in the air.

The quadcopter has a 6-axis flight control system with adjustable sensitivity that gives it a smooth flight. It also has 4 LED night lights that makes it easier to fly when it is dark outside. It comes with blade protectors and rubber feet included in the packaging.

This Hubsan quadcopter uses a 3.7V, 380mAh lithium-polymer battery with USB charging that has a charging time of approximately 30 minutes and a flight time of about 7 mins.



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