Hubsan Zino 4K UHD Drone


Hubsan Zino 4K UHD Drone

Max Video Resolution

4K 30 fps

Battery Charge Time

180 minutes

Weight (KG)


Battery Life

23 minutes

1 X Aircraft, 1 X Intelligent Flight battery, 1 X HT016 Remote Controller, 2 X Propellers (pair), 2 X propeller screws(pair), 1 X gimbal protector, 1 X propeller Wrench, 1 X AC Adapter, 1 X Balance Charger, 1 X USB Charger for Aircraft battery. 1 X USB Charger for transmitter battery, 1 X RC cable(Lightning connector), 1 X RC cable(standard Micro USB connector), 1 X RC cable(USB Type-C connector), 1 X user manual

Hubsan has been in the market for quite a while now and has a range of quadcopters in the market that are quite well known. Their H501S drone models and H109 drone models are well appreciated but the company has not had a breakthrough in the industry like DJI has. They have finally come into the market with a drone that fits the bill and is worthy of giving competition to the leading drones in the quadcopter industry at the moment. 

The new Hubsan Zino Drone comes with some advanced and up to date technology with efficient flight modes and features. It has been created to be a worthy challenger to the likes of DJI Mavic and Autel EVO, etc. but the one point that really sets the drone apart is that with even these advanced features, the Zino is priced only at $369! This makes the Hubsan Zino the cheapest in the 4k camera, 3 axis gimbal foldable drone category, making it the perfect contender for a new age drone.

Hubsan Zino Drone - Size and design

The Hubsan Zino Drone has been created to be your companion and capture your every precious moment with precision, tact, and beauty, delivering the perfect shot every time. The design and size of the drone is small, making it portable and easy to carrying around in your bag. Its dimensions are 304.6 mm length, 252.4 mm width and 90 mm height, with a flying weight of 700 g.

This simple and portable design is foldable, a feature rarely offered at such a low price. Users can conveniently film the story of their life anytime they want by just unfolding and turning the drone on! 

The Zino features an exquisite design and has a smooth body that offers lesser air resistance and much better aerodynamics. The body of the drone provides a strong visual sense and it has been made using polycarbonate material that is strong, long lasting and durable. This rigorous craftsmanship is what delivers a strong and stable drone.


Hubsan Zino Drone - Camera specifications 

Equipped with a 3 Axis Gimbal, the Hubsan Zino Drone provides detailed and stable photography and videography. The camera is a 4K Ultra High Definition that captures everything with precision and great quality. Record videos in 3840 x 2160 at 30 FPS for clear and sharp results and capture every moment and event you wish to.

The drone also uses an Ambarella sports image processor and makes sure the users can take advantage of the drone’s Ultra High Definition video filming. The real-time FPV recording results in an immersive experience.

Hubsan Zino Drone - Flight modes and features

Defining convenience, the Hubsan Zino Drone is easy to start and even learn on. It comes with auto takeoff and landing, which is accurate to the spot, making it very convenient to use the drone. It features a flight time of up to 23 minutes to keep you enjoying the drone for longer. With the GPS and barometer, fliers can get steady hovering precision as well.

The new Hubsan drone has cherry-picked the modes and flight features and added just the best and most useful ones to their new Zino drone. Here are some of the cool modes to use.


Take beautiful panoramic pictures in the air with the Hubsan Zino Drone at the press of a button. Press the dedicated button to create a beautiful 4k panoramic video and the drone will automatically rotate 360˚ to start recording.

Line Fly Mode

The Line Fly Mode is precise and convenient, in which the drone will fly in a straight line as well as at a specified direction and angle of your choosing. Fliers will also have access to picture and video functionalities while the drone is in this mode.

zino top

Image Tracking

Perfect for solo travelers, this mode was created as a way to help you capture every essence of your journey. The Image Tracking mode locks on to the chosen target and then keeps following it, with the target being the center of focus. 

Waypoint Mode

Using the app on your phone, draw a route for the drone on the map and it will follow that very route, letting you capture areas that you yourself can’t see.

Hubsan Zino Drone - Other features

The Hubsan Zino Drone uses an intelligent battery that has a voltage of 11.4V and capacity of 3100 mAh. The battery can be completely charged in 180 minutes and provides a flight time of 23 minutes, as mentioned above. The drone uses Brushless Motors and also comes with low battery failsafe and loss control failsafe.

The drone can be flown using the Hubsan +HT016B transmitter, which comes with the drone. Fliers can attach their phone onto the transmitter and use it for an FPV experience of what your drone is recording. It has a transmission distance of 1 km and provides HD Wi-Fi video transmission.

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