Learn Programming Early with Ozobot

Learn programing early with ozobot

The career outlook for software developers looks good.  In fact according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry is projected to grow by 17% and they say that is much faster than average. 

So the best thing to do to get ready for this exciting career is to start learning early so you are prepared for those challenging programming classes at the university level.Ozobot makes learning programming early easy for adults or even kids. 

This programmable bot is powered by a programming language where you drag blocks around to program the bot. 

The Ozobot teaches you different concepts that you would end up learning in school such as conditional statements or even loop structures. When you learn programming you end up getting caught up in learning how to look up different classes and structures that are a part of the programming language. 

For example, when you are learning the Java programming language, it can be easy to get lost in the many, many, many classes that make up the Java API (Application Programming Interface). 

As you learn Java, you learn to rely on code that already exists within the language to make developing that program or game come to life.However with the Ozobot programming language, the puzzle block graphical language makes it easy to learn the concepts of programming without the confusion of where to find all of the classes like in Java. 

Ozobot makes learning programming fun for both kids and adults, but is targeted to get people into STEM education in this growing industry of software developers.


So if you think you child as a gift for computers and has expressed a desire to learn how to make their own games on their home compute, get them started with Ozobot first.This would be a great start before they learn languages like Java or C in High School.

So get started early and get an Ozobot today.

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