January, 3, 17


Micro Luggage Scooter

Micro Luggage Scooter

One thing the Micro Luggage Scooter has done is redefine the world of travelling. The genius of merging a connected luggage and mobility is undisputed, especially when you have to quickly weave through airport traffic for one reason or another. Instead of the bag being incorporated into the scooter, as would be expected, the Micro Luggage Scooter is a hard casing suitcase with the scooter folded beneath it.

Once done using the scooter, you can fold it up as it comes already linked with the bag. It is light enough to still be within the carry on size limit for some airline carriers. It also comes with adjustable handlebars to accommodate people of all heights. At first glance, the handle bars seem cumbersome but trust us this is definitely not the case.  

Also included with it is has a regular zippered opening, and guess what, a speaker. So if you fancy some music, you are sure to love this. When under pressure, the bad will lock itself up, a feature included in its closing/opening mechanism. To disengage it, you’ll have to apply gentle pressure the opposite direction as you pull up on the cord.

The total package weighs around 14.3 pounds and can take a maximum load of 220 pounds. So for the frequent traveler, the Micro Luggage Scooter is a great acquisition. You can make your order for it right now an Amazon.