Must Have Accessories When Buying Hubsan X4

Must Have Accessories When Buying Hubsan X4

Since drones are very prone to getting damaged and have short flying times, it becomes difficult to enjoy your awesome aerial machines all at one go. That is why when you buy your New Hubsan X4 drone there are a few accessories that you should invest in to make your flying time even more fun and continuous.

Here are some of the must have accessories to buy when getting a Hubsan X4 drone.

1. Extra batteries

You can never have enough batteries when it comes to flying your Hubsan X4! With a flight time of just 5 to 8 minutes on a full charge, it is imperative that you own at least a couple of spare batteries to be able to continue flying your drone without any stopping. And if you are close to a charging source, then you can have you non-stop playtime!

The Tenergy 3.7V 380mAh LiPO Battery is a 5-piece combo that costs $22.99 and is a direct replacement battery that will provide more PUNCH and ROBUST performance with its higher current output and power.

2. Battery charger with multiple ports

Along with buying some spare batteries for your Hubsan X4, you must also invest in a good battery charger that is equipped with multiple charging ports. This way you can charge more than one battery at a time, while you are simultaneously flying your drone and the fun never has to stop!

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option to charge your spare batteries, then the ShowJade Upgraded Battery Charger Set with 5 ports is a good option. It costs $10.99 and has a charger protection function.

For a slight more expensive option, have a look at HobbyTiger 1S Lipo 6 Port Charger that has a high charging efficiency and is energy saving. It costs $16.1 and has light option lets you know when the battery is charged.

3. Protection Cover Blades Guard

If you are a beginner at flying a drone then you must ensure that you protect the blades of your Hubsan X4 drone as much as possible by attaching a protection cover blades guard. Due to crashing or a shaky landing the blade can easily break or get damaged, ruining your flying experience.

While Hubsan does provide these with their Drone, many customers have reported that their blade guards were missing. Plus, it never hurts to buy an extra pair! These are easily available on Amazon for $1.95 and are sold by Hubsan.

4. Extra Propellers

The propellers of your Hubsan X4 can be damaged very easily when you are learning how to fly your new drone. Even otherwise due to any obstructions, you can easily break them. That is why it is necessary to have extra propellers in hand.

Manufactured by Hubsan, you can buy extra propellers from Amazon for $6.12. These will provide the same flying height as before, have a stable performance and are meant for long-term use.

5. MicroSD Card

Since your Hubsan X4 can do some great recording with flying, you might also want to invest in a good MicroSD Card to store all your video content in, as you don’t get one with the drone.

The SanDisk Ultra UHS-I/Class 10 Micro SDHC Memory Card has up to 48MB/s and comes with an adapter. You can buy the 32GB variant for $16.19 and the 64GB variant for $32.42.


While there are many drone carrying cases available in the market, there is a strong need for cases that are sturdy, completely protective and can keep your drone safely inside without the danger of any damage. Most cases promise this, but not many can live up to their word.

The Drone Pit Stop Hubsan X4 drone carrying case is one of the best quadcopter and drone cases that can keep your quadcopter safely inside. Made for the Hubsan X4 of drones, this case will fit the h107c & h107l models with or without propeller guards.

On the outside

The Drone Pit Stop carrying case...Read full review

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