Natural Birth Control – Gadgets And Devices That Will Help You


Natural Birth Control – Gadgets And Devices That Will Help You

Having a baby is a very big decision in life and every family should take that decision when they are ready to. Until then there are many ways by which partners can stay safe and protected from an unplanned pregnancy.

For a woman to get pregnant, it is important to understand their menstrual cycle and know the days the body is fertile or not. For most, contraception comes in the form of pills or injections that interfere with the hormones in the body and feel intrusive. While easy to use and actually a very widely used form of contraceptive, hormonal birth control can lead to more harm than good in the long run.

Contraceptive pills and other such forms of protection lead to various changes in the body which interfere with the everyday workings and can lead to adverse side effects for some women. Apart from that, the fact that this treatment needs to be premeditated and planned beforehand plus needs to be regularly administered makes it tedious.

Over time and to make it easier and more natural for women to determine their fertile days, there are some natural birth control fertility awareness methods or FAM based devices and gadgets that are available in the market, various apps that helps keep track of all the different symptoms and temperatures and arranges all the data on each user’s personal graph. These are not intrusive at all and do not interfere with your menstrual cycle what so ever.

Created as a simple way to determine fertile and infertile days in a woman’s cycle, these natural birth control devices make use of your body’s basal temperature to determine the results. Some of the top natural devices include Daysy, LadyComp, and Tempdrop that have been well rated and reviewed by users and are considered extremely safe and effective.



Daysy is a device created for women to give them a choice of being pregnant or avoiding pregnancy in a safe and effective way. Providing a 99.4% accurate answer, Daysy works hormone free, and is natural without any side effects.

To use the device you only need 30 seconds every morning and it works by keeping it under your tongue to take your temperature. Additionally, input the days you are menstruating and Daysy will tell you your fertility status for the next 24 hours.

It uses advanced statistical methods to calculate this and provides a more accurate answer. When you start using it, there will be a learning period in which the device will collect data on you and get to know your body better. It has been programmed to accurately show the time of ovulation in your body and does so with three colors. Red indicates that you are fertile but a red blinking light means you are ovulating. Green means you are infertile, while yellow means the device is still learning about you or there are cycle fluctuations.

Physically, the device is small making it very portable to carry and use where ever you go. There is also an app compatible with it called DaysyView that shows you a more detailed fertility chart.

ocase for daysy

You can also buy a protective case for Daysy to keep it safe when you travel. This Daysy case by is semi-hard and is made of light shock-absorbing materials. It has soft padding all around and features a cut out especially for the device to keep it steady inside.Daysy devices stores all the collected data inside of its small computer, its algorithm needs at least 3-4 cycles of collected data in order to work properly, combining with a sensitive thermometer and a delicate design, a protective case is a must and not only for when traveling.



LadyComp is by the same company as Daysy and pretty much has the same way of working. It works using data from over 1 million cycles as well as bio-mathematical forecasting calculations with the latest computer programming to provide its analysis. Touted as 99.3% accurate by the company, this personal fertility monitor works by learning and adjusting to every users’ individual cycle.

LadyComp takes your basal temperature every morning to provide you with an answer to whether you are fertile or not. This analysis is valid for the next 24 hours and a red light indicates fertility while green indicates infertility.

The device in itself is portable and easy to use. It features a screen for display and users have the options to view their temperature curve, cycle statistics, view a monthly calendar, input notes and adjust volume, alarm, and brightness.



Tempdrop is another effective natural birth control device that can help prevent hormonal birth control and provide a safer way to plan or prevent a pregnancy. It is simple and convenient to use and features a sensor on the body that connects to your smartphone and turns it into a fertility monitor.

Working on the concept of taking your temperature to determine fertility, this device does not need you to wake up at a certain hour to check your basal body temperature. Instead, users can simply wear it through the night and the device collects the data it needs automatically.

It also tracks your movements while you sleep which helps in providing information about your sleep quality and schedule, as that has an effect on fertility.

Tempdrop is integrated with the Android app OvuView but the company soon plans to add more integrations. If you feel like, users can also manually input the collected data into the app of their choice.

Tempdrop was started on Indiegogo as a campaign and the natural fertility device has garnered a lot of attention for its efficient use. Considered safe, reliable, easy to use and over all consistent in its analysis, Tempdrop is the choice of many women around the world.