Podo Camera

Podo Camera


Max Video Resolution: 

720P 30 fps



Battery Life: 

2 hrs

Body Size: 

2 x 2 x 1 in

Weight (KG): 


Camera Features

LCD Disply
Mobile App
Wireless Connectivity
Comes With Remote


Already on Kickstarter, the camera is around the size of a GoPro camera and can be easily carried along in your bag or pocket. It features a pivoting, sticky base that can be attached to a number of different surfaces to create a perfect photo booth, enabling you to take great pictures effortlessly.

This small and convenient camera can be attached and reattached to any kinds of materials and surfaces, so whether it is cement, wood or glass, you can easily stick and remove it from its place.

Once you attach it to a wall or a table, download the dedicated app on your smartphone and connect the device using Bluetooth, you can frame the perfect shot. You can also set a timer, compose yourself and get ready to be clicked!

There are LEDs around the camera’s lens that show when it is clicking the picture and the picture is then sent directly to your phone for you to view. It will be instantly sent if its lower quality or within a few seconds if you want higher quality pictures from the camera’s 8 MP sensor.

The Podo camera is also capable of recording videos at 720p and has a 2-hour battery life with 4GB storage space. While it might not make the best action camera, it is definitely a great little gadget for taking pictures socially.

According to Podo’s President Eddie Lee, this camera is great for people who like to go out and take tons of pictures for Instagram and Facebook. It is available in fun colors, is small and compact, and can be bought for a low price, making it a great purchase.

Podo is priced fairly reasonable and it is even lower than most action cameras (excluding Xiaomi) in the market right now, making it a much cheaper GoPro alternative. Early buyers can get one for $79 on Kickstarter and the price will be rising to $89. For people who want to buy it via retail this fall can get it for $99.



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