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Raden A22 Smart Luggage

Raden A22 Smart Luggage

Providing you with both a carry on and the check in to choose from, A22 Raden Smart luggage have made sure all your options are covered. To begin with they have installed all the standard functions expected of a smart luggage; a GPS for locating your luggage or alternatively the bluetooth, USB ports for charging your devices (up to four full charges) situated on the back just behind the handle and a micro port for charging the case’s battery. The battery is 7800mAH. As well as a weighing scale to check your luggage weight.

The battery is removable so you can use it even without the case. Inside the case, there are two fabric bags on each side that are spacious enough to hold devices with room to spare.

And just in case you run into some unforeseen trouble with the suitcase, they have an in built chat support to help you through any issues you may encounter.

raden smart technology

The Raden Smart Luggage takes durability to another level by using Makralon polycarbonate material for the case. This translates to a suitcase that is resistant to impact, has excellent dielectric qualities, flame retardency and optical clarity. For the lock this suitcase is fitted with the TSA approved lock. However, they even went ahead to fit it with a waterproof zipper, you never know what might happen in your travels!

This suitcase whips around rather that moves around. Fitted with Japanese double spinning wheels, the Raden Smart luggage does a 360 degree turn effortlessly.

While most companies that offer such high end smart luggage options don’t bother with color options for their suitcases, Raden have not only made the effort, they have offered the consumer exciting colors to choose from.

Raden A22 Smart Luggage

Let’s talk about the app.

The Raden Smart Luggage app easily pairs up with your phone. In terms of functionality, it is works very well and the internal electronics of the suitcase can be removed and upgraded. However, the TSA approved lock is not app enabled as is the case with other smart carry ons.  Another drawback with Raden smart luggage is that unfortunately the suitcase only supports iOS. They are working on this aspect.

Everything considered, the Raden Smart luggage is one of the best offerings in smart luggage and it’s available on Amazon for just $295.