Release Date For The Lily Camera Drone Revealed

Release Date For The Lily Camera Drone Revealed

12 January 2017 - UPDATE: Sadly, the company has announced that the Lily Drone is dead, and they will be offering refunds to their customers who pre-ordered.

11 January 2017 - UPDATE: The Lily Drone that was a very promising aerial machine has reached some snags in their delivery process, leading their customers to wait for really long periods of time to get their drone.

As per the company, their delivery schedule stated that the first batch of the Lily drones should be delivered by end December, but as we have reached January, customers are still complaining of not having received their product.

Some customers who backed the project, have received emails stating, “We expect to begin shipping preorders later this month through early 2017 in the order that they were placed. Therefore, your order will not arrive in time for Christmas. We are also not able to prioritize the delivery of your Lily Camera.” Some of our readers that ordered the drone have also reported that the last email they received from the Lily support team was on the start of December asking them to confirm their shipping address but since then they are not responding to emails either.

On the other hand, their website updates have stopped coming in since 13 December 2016, and the last one claimed that they were working on expanding the drone’s calibration checks to make sure that the camera will function properly across a larger range of geographic areas.

Lily update

19 July 2016 - UPDATE: The Lily Camera Drone's shipping is facing some delay with the website stating, "We're still ironing out logistics for pre-orders. However, any new orders will ship in Winter 2016," so eager buys still need to wait to get their hands on this drone.

Can't wait? Here is a list of Lily alternative drones you can order right now.

Earlier this month we wrote about the newest drone that is making a buzz in the quadcopter and drone market – the Lily Camera Drone. The official website has finally given out a release date for this much anticipated aerial machine!

According to the website the Lily Drone is up for pre-ordering now and shipping will begin in February 2016. They are also offering the drone at a special price of $499 till June 2015 and after that it will be available for $999.

Some great features to come

The Lily drone has been created as an updated concept for the camera and uses smart technologies for capturing your every movement in the best way possible.   

When you throw the Lily Drone into the air, its sensors identify the action and the drone powers on, letting it hover in mid air and start recording you. With an approximately 20 minute flight time, the drone has a range of flying almost 100 feet away from the user and can be as close as 5 feet.

The drone is equipped with a puck-sized device that lets it recognize the intended subject it has to follow around and record. It keeps connected with the locator using WiFi and location through GPS.

The camera has been integrated into the body of the Lily drone, and that is what has made it a possibility to be completely waterproof. It also has a microphone embedded into the locator device so the user can also record audio.

While the concept for the Lily Drone is great, it still has a long way to go to operate perfectly. The makers still have a lot of adjustments and tweaks to make, but this drone is definitely one to look out for next year!  

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