SaraH2O - Search And Rescue Assistant Waterproof Drone

August, 11, 17

SaraH2O - Search And Rescue Assistant Waterproof Drone

Drone Features

Body Size: 

W740 x H240 x L650 mm

Battery Flight Time: 

25 minutes

The SaraH2O drone has been created as a ‘search and rescue assistant’ drone and is an addition to the line of already popular waterproof drones like - QuadH2O, HexH2O and HexH2O Pro.

Its creation makes rescue and emergency services much easier, and it can also be used to perform inspections, allowing it to carry out a number of important functions, all while being waterproof.

SaraH2O - Search And Rescue Assistant Waterproof Drone


Featuring a professional built, the drone has been made for durability and each product is configured and tested by technicians to ensure proper functioning. Right out of the box, the drone comes with all necessary electrical components such as payload release system, quick release legs, propulsion system, flight controller, radio transmitter, gimbal, Flir Vue housing, video downlink, monitor, antennas and associated chargers.

While the drone does not come with a built in camera of its own, the SaraH2O does come equipped with a pre-installed gimbal that has been created to fit the GoPro 4 or 3 action camera. For another option, you also have a weather resistant, removable as well as adjustable housing that can be used to mount a Flir Vue or Flir Vue Pro camera too.

SaraH2O - Search And Rescue Assistant Waterproof Drone

The gimbal GoPro is attached inside the frame, keeping it completely protected from water and other elements that may damage it. With this, users can take amazing footage above and below the water, as well as be able to control the gimbal’s pitch for 90° straight down recording. On the other hand, the Flir Vue camera housing is mounted atop the drone’s body, providing adjustable angles.

View what is being recorded easily with video live feed that can be watched on the included 7” color monitor mounted on the supplied radio transmitter. Users can also get maximum range with the ImmersionRC Spironet and Patch antennas.

The battery can be chosen by the users when purchasing the drone. On an average, two 6S 7000mAh batteries will provide a flight time of around up to 25 minutes.

SaraH2O - Search And Rescue Assistant Waterproof Drone


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