August, 10, 17


Selfie World GoPro Monopod

Selfie World GoPro Monopod

The Selfie World GoPro Monopod helps you take high quality and HD pictures and videos conveniently with your GoPro or other action cams and smartphones. It features a telescoping, handheld, pole extender that allows users to take any shot they want without difficulty.

The product claims to have true universal 10-in-1 compatibility, meaning you can use one product for multiple devices – GoPro Hero and Session, GoPro Omni VR 360, mini camcorders, action cams, sports cameras, digital compacts, iPhones (bonus mount included), iPods, Samsung galaxy cellphones and android smartphones. It can lock on to any 15”- 47” extension within seconds so you don’t have to wait to screw it on.

The pole is waterproof and weatherproof, allowing you to use it in rugged situations. It also comes with a nylon carrying bag that is lightweight and made from water resistant materials. With a comfortable silicon rubber grip, it makes for an ideal telescopic accessory.