SJ4000 Original VS Fake How - To Tell The Difference

SJ4000 Original VS Fake How - To Tell The Difference

The SJCAM 4000 WiFi is one of the best action and sports cameras in the market and gives a tough competition to the GoPro range of action cameras. Its obvious to find copies of leading products in the market and SJCAM 4000 WiFi is no stranger to a number of fakes that are circulating around the internet claiming to be the real deal.

When you search online to buy this great action camera model, you will be provided with a number of different options that at first glance all look the same but are extremely different in brand, quality and performance. Many local Chinese companies sell fakes of the SJCAM 4000 model that looks exactly the same but may be cheaper and will have inferior quality.

It is important to ensure you are buying an original as fake cameras will malfunction and even produce bad videos, giving you a bad experience on the whole and wasting your money.

Is your SJCAM original or fake?

In order to be sure that you are purchasing an original SJCAM action camera, there are few things that you can check:

  • Packing details
  • The SJCAM logo
  • User Interface
  • Water Proof Case
  • Application

Packaging Details

The packaging of the original camera and the fake camera will be different and it isn’t too hard to find the dissimilarities. On the fake camera’s packaging box you will easily be able to notice silly spelling mistakes! For instance, spotting the word “water-resistab” would be too hard.

The SJCAM Logo

Even the most shameless of copycats will not directly copy a brand's original logo and it can lead to heavy legal action for copyright issues, so the absence of the company logo should be one of the biggest indicators of the product being fake.

Unfortunately there’s a catch with the SJ4000 model.

The SJCAM company rebranded their name last year from Shenzhen Hongfeng Century Technology Co name, which was difficult to recall and not catch at all. Due to this, the first versions of the SJCAM 4000 that were produced did not have the company’s logo on the model, making it a heaven for copycats.

Due to this, there are many copies of the first SJCAM version available in the market and it is quite tough to tell the difference between the original and the fake. From the second version onwards, all the SJCAM 4000 series have the SJCAM logo on the front, making it easy to recognize.

The best advice would be to just buy the second versions onwards as purchasing the first can be risky. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and save you from a lot of grief.

Difference in size of the waterproof case

The original SJCAM 4000 has a waterproof case with silver screws on it, where as the fake version looks similar but has different dimensions and black screws on the housing. Though not very easy to spot, this difference in the cases can help give away a fake.

User Interface

There will be a difference between the User Interface of the od to find the dissimilarities. On the fake camera’s packaging box you will easily be able to notice silly spelling mistakes! For instance, spotting the word “water-resistab” would be too hard.

Software and App

If all else fails, one of the most sure shot ways of spotting a fake SJCAM 4000 is by checking if it is compatible with the company’s firmware. If the camera is a fake there is no possible way that you will be able to upgrade its firmware.

Another easy option is to simply download the SJCAM app on your phone for the WiFi model and check to see if they connect or not. If yes, then you definitely made the right choice!

Want to buy the original SJCAM but don't know where?

There are numerous websites that you can purchase the SJCAMs on but this list of trusted websites can surely give you a good price discounts, are reliable and can help you find the original product easily.

Do you have any information or experiance with fake sjcams or other brands? Let us know in the comments.

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