Swellpro Splash Auto Waterproof Drone

September, 13, 16

Swellpro Splash Auto Waterproof Drone


Drone Features

Motor Type: 

590 KV specially treated brushless

Body Size: 

23.6 x 21.6 x 7.9 inches

Remote Frequency: 

5.8 Ghz


1 km

The Swellpro Splash Drone Auto is a rugged, great quality, waterproof quadcopter that has been designed to take pictures and videos above water as well as underwater. It doesn’t come with a built in camera so all you need do is mount a GoPro or similar action camera and start flying!

It uses the world’s first waterproof gimbal for drones and fits GoPro Hero3/3+/4 as well as the SwellPro ZERO camera. The 2-axis gimbal along with the camera to provide stabilized footage that isn’t shaky in any condition. The drone uses a 4S 14.8V 5200mAh LiPo battery and an all in one smart balance charger to stay powered.

The drone has a built-in 5.8G video transmission system and uses a MI600s video transmitter and a high-end 10-channel telemetry radio remote controller, with a 7" FPV screen, dual antenna and screen mount. Users now have options like Auto Return to Home (RTH) function, Way-point & Mission Planning flight, Follow me mode and Circle Flight. The drone can also be controlled using the dedicated app.

It has a smart current distributor plate with dual voltage regulations (5V and 12V) and uses 590 KV specially treated brushless motors and self-tightening carbon fiber propellers for a smooth flight. It also has a payload of up to 1kg.

The body of the Swellpro Splash Drone PRO is equipped with super strong LED lights that make night flying much easier, and these lights also start blinking to show low battery warning. It also comes along with an aluminum case that makes travelling with the drone and storing much more convenient and keeps it safe.



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