Tayzu Titan X8 Drone

Drone Features

Body Size: 

1668 mm x 1518 mm x 759 mm

Weight (KG): 


Battery Flight Time: 

43 minutes

The Tayzu Titan X8 Drone features high performance, safety, flexibility and reliability, and is an advanced heavy lift drone. It is equipped with 8 high efficiency motors and dual battery failover for maximum redundancy.

The built-in redundancies work when on-board electronics, GPS, motors, or propellers stop functioning as intended. With dual motors on each arm, and ESCs and propellers, the drone has excellent performance and they also work as failovers.

It has a lightweight design and can carry payloads of up to 6.5kg, and has a flight time is about 43 minutes with no payload. It has maximum speeds of 14m/s.


Tayzu Titan X8 Drone

It uses an advanced power distribution backplane (PDB) Board for safe, high current distribution, and helps in delivering controlled power. Without the need for too many bulky wires and harnesses, it helps keep the drone light and aerodynamic.

The drone’s versatility makes it usable for various applications that are not limited to just recording and shooting for filmmaking. It can also be used for safety purposes, or for inspection, mapping, surveying, and airdrops. Due to its high payload and flexibility, it can support a number of devices like stabilized EO/IR, DSLR cameras and other gimbal solutions.

The drone offers maximum reliability and support, and been made using grade aluminum and superior tensile strength carbon fiber for amplified toughness. As an addition, it is modular so replacement of broken or damaged parts can be done fast, allowing for uses in time sensitive situations. Its compact size makes it easy for transport, and the rugged military grade case makes it easy to store safely, as well as travel with it.  



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