January, 3, 17


Trunkster - intelligent Zipperless luggage

Trunkster - intelligent Zipperless luggage

The excitement of travelling can be tempered by the arduous task of packing. However, if you are using the trunkster intelligent Zipperless luggage, you need not. It comes equipped with a top that opens like a garage door, hence the name trunkster. The creators of this suitcase give you the option of a carry on or a check in or both.

Although it hasn’t had a great second run on indiegogo (much to the surprise of all of us), it had an awesome run on kickstater. The Trunkster intelligent Zipperless luggage is infamous for its roll top opening. This option allows you to easily access your luggage interior while at the same time safeguarding your suitcase from the manhandling it goes through in baggage handling.

You can check the weight of your suitcase using the built in scale that comes fitted on the handle of the trunkster. It boasts of a one of a kind, heavy duty, durable weighing scale that will last you a long time.

This suitcase comes with a 10400mAH battery that will juice up to six of your devices comfortably on both the carry on and the check in. What’s even better with the trunkster intelligent zipperless luggage is the option to remove the battery and use it alone without needing the suitcase to be present.

For consumers who thought the GPS comes fitted into this suitcase, we have some bad news. Unfortunately, the GPS comes at an added cost. However, not only does the tracker come with a preloaded year’s worth of track, it is also removable and you can use it elsewhere or just leave it behind if you do not need it. It can work with iOS and android apps and is powered by LugLoc.

It comes fitted with USB ports for charging your devices. The trunkster intelligent zipperless luggage has one over most of the other high end cases.

This suitcase is well loved for its rugged yet refined look and praised for its almost unimpeachable construction. But what would you expect of a suitcase that raised $137,000 within three days of its campaign.You can order the carry on here.