Veho Muvi K-Series K2 Pro 4K Action Camera

March, 28, 17

Veho Muvi K-Series K2 Pro 4K Action Camera



Max Video Resolution: 

4K 30 fps
1080P 60/30 fps
720P 120/60/30 fps



Body Size: 

6cm x 4cm x 2.3cm

Waterproof (Meters) : 


Camera Features

LCD Disply
Mobile App
Wireless Connectivity

Accessories In Box: 

  • Rugged Case
  • Silicone Case
  • LCD Smart Touch Screen
  • 1500mAh Battery
  • K-Series Tripod Mount
  • CMOS Protector
  • Curved 3M Mount
  • Flat 3M Mount
  • Right Angle Mount
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Muvi Decal
  • Printed Quick Start Guide
  • Manual on CD

The Veho Muvi K-Series K2 Pro 4K Action Camera is a step up from the previous Veho Muvi K2 NPNG, and can now record videos in UHD 4K, as well as take pictures in 12MP. Apart from 4K, it can also capture videos in 2.7K, and full HD videos in 1080p at 60fps or 720p at 120fps for perfect slow-motion playback.

Being the newest camera from the Muvi K-Series range, it comes equipped with the super powerful XA-9 Hercules chipset that helps in enhancing the performance of the camera, as opposed to the previous XA-7 Achilles.

Stills can be easily taken with the different photo modes available to help in taking the angles and styles you want, choose from time-lapse, high-speed photo burst and 180° rollover mode for variety. The camera also has a built-in G-sensor auto-start that makes the camera start recording when there is a change of gravity!

Another new feature in this camera is the included new Muvi K-Series smart LCD touch screen that allows users to better frame and adjust the shots to get the perfect pictures and videos. You can also navigate the menu to change settings with ease.

The Veho Muvi K-Series K2 Pro 4K Action Camera uses a 1500mAh interchangeable lith-ion smart battery that provides a recording time of around 3 hours, much higher than other camera’s in the same range.

It also features built-in Wi-Fi that works till a range of up to 60 meters and lets you connect to smartphone and tablets using the compatible and free iOS and Android app. This provides options such as live view, recording and even sharing the media straight to social networks!

It comes along with an included carry case that is rugged and tough, providing you with an easy way to store your camera and also use it for recording extreme action and adventures. 



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