Xiro Xplorer 4K Drone

Drone Features

Battery Flight Time: 

25 minutes

Stills Resolution (megapixels): 




Max Video Resolution: 

4K 30 fps
1080P 120/60/30 fps

The Xiro Xplorer 4K Drone is the latest from Xiro, a company fast coming up in the drone and quadcopter market. Their previous drones include the Xiro Xplorer V Drone and the Xiro Xplorer Mini Drone, which both did very well with flying enthusiasts.


Designed with advanced technology and industrial aesthetics, the Xiro Xplorer 4K Drone has a unique look with modular construction. The innovative design permits easy assembly, flying and lets you upgrade product functionality.

It comes with adjustable landing gear that helps in preventing the gimbal from directly hitting the ground on landing, and it also has silicone rubber caps to reduce vibration.


The Xiro Xplorer 4K Drone combines the fun of flying with spectacular aerial imagery. This is because it comes with a brand new XIRO camera capable of recording in 4K at 24fps and 1080P at 120fps to deliver crystal clear pictures and videos.

Get bright colors and precise details in every picture as the camera can take stills in 12MP. The camera combines 10 glass lenses and 1 aspherical lens to feature a new 84° low-distortion lens with F2.8 aperture.

Advanced flight control system

The Xiro Xplorer 4K Drone comes with an advanced flight control system for an improved flying experience that is safe and stable. It features 35° max tilt angle and 200°s max angular velocity. Flight features include GPS-assisted hovering, automatic takeoff/landing.

The drone’s X-shaped module is positioned right in the center and has built-in high-precision sensors and IMU chip that helps in efficiently decreasing vibrations during flight.


The drone comes with a longer lifespan as well as improved battery quality, due to its 5200mAh replaceable smart-flight battery that provides up to 25 minutes flight time. The smart control technology notifies the remote controller by vibrating when the level is low and needs to be charged.

Remote controller

The remote controller for the Xiro Xplorer 4K Drone has a compact and ergonomic design that provides an excellent grip and control. Users can choose from 3 flight levels as per their convenience and an IOC mode. The controller also has 2 scroll wheels for adjusting the camera’s angle and also the LED indicator’s brightness.

The remote control is also equipped with a 2.4 GHz range extender that helps in creating a strong connection between the drone and your phone (through the XIRO Xplore app), allowing you to watch HD live previews of what the camera is recording till a distance of up to 1.2 km.



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