Yuneec Typhoon H Drone

Drone-maker Yuneec has created a new drone that can give the DJI Inspire 1 a run for its money, that too at 1/3rd the cost! Their new Yuneec Typhoon H Drone is a high-end UAV, which is available for $1799, as compared to its DJI competition that sells for a whooping $3,000.

The Typhoon H comes with some unique features and professional-level performance due to its hexacopter design of six rotors that are fixed to the drone using collapsible carbon fiber arms. It also features carbon fiber retractable landing gear that provides unhindered footage from its 360-degree rotating gimbal camera when flying in the air. It is equipped with sonar sensors in the front that keep it from banging into large obstacles, as well as an added sensor module placed beneath for flying indoors, without the need of GPS.

The design is small and easily portable, and the drone measures just 12.1x10.6x10 inches when are arms are down and the propellers are removed. It also includes safety features like geofencing, no fly zones, variable speed control and dynamic and low-battery return to home functions. It is also equipped with a failsafe system that allows the drone to stay stable and land safely even when the motor fails.

"We've engineered the Typhoon H to redefine what customers should expect to pay for a drone with such an array of professional features. At this price point, no other drone comes close to the Typhoon H in terms capability and value," said Yuneec International Chief Executive Officer Yu Tian.

Yuneec will also be adding a module to the drone that uses Intel RealSense technology for avoid collision, along with further camera options like a superior IR camera.

To control the Yuneec Typhoon H Drone, fliers can use the included Android-based ST16 controller, which is equipped with a 7-inch integrated touch-screen. Fliers can easily see the footage shot by the camera in FPV, and also get important flight info, as well as adjust and set up autonomous flight plans with new capture modes – Point of Interest, Orbit, Curved Cable and Journey.



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