Top DJI Mavic Pro Accessories To Have

Top DJI Mavic Pro Accessories To Have

The DJI Mavic Pro has taken the drone and quadcopter world by storm and has quickly become one of the most coveted aerial machines in the industry. If you are one of the lucky few who does have one, then you want to make sure you keep this drone properly protected and safe from any harm!

There are various accessories available in the market that can help in doing so. There is a wide variety of accessories to choose from, and these are manufactured by both DJI as well as other companies. Not only will they aid in keeping the quad safe, they also make flying it much simpler and provide various added benefits.

Ensure to always purchase extra sets of accessories that can easily break on a quadcopter. The most important of these is the propellers that are delicate and can snap off in the case of a bump or accident. Extra batteries and a charging hub is a must to elongate battery life and spend more time flying the drone. Also, accessories like a landing pad can make using the drone easier as landing can take some getting used to.

Here are the top DJI Mavic Pro drone accessories to have.


The Drone Pit Stop Landing Gear for DJI Mavic Pro is an important accessory that safeguards your drone against damage usually caused when landing the drone. Apart from the legs of the drone, the gimbal too is at a place where a harsh landing can break it, which is why it is necessary to keep these parts of your expensive quadcopter protected.

The landing gear helps in adding around 1.5 inches extra ground clearance, providing a wider space for you to land your drone without the lower parts touching the ground.

Apart from that, this landing gear is also good for adding an...Read full review

The DJI Mavic Low-Noise Quick-Release Propellers have been created with an aerodynamic design and come with gold tips or platinum tips to set them apart.

These 8331 propellers provide the Mavic Pro Platinum Drone with better flight as well as lower noise output. These props reduce up to 4dB of aircraft noise while takeoff and landing, which is almost 60%!

Apart from this they also help in increasing the flight time of the drone. The Platinum version features a flight time of up to 30 minutes, which is an 11% increase over the Mavic Pro’s 27-minute flight time.

The...Read full review

The DJI Mavic Propeller Quick-Released Folding Propellers make for a great spare to your new drone. During flying t is quite easy to damage these delicate parts, and having extra on you is a great instant solution.Read full review

The Drone Pit Stop Carrying Case for DJI Mavic Pro is the best way to ensure the safety of your DJI Mavic Pro and its accessories. When you want to take your quadcopter out to play, there are a number of things you need to carry along with you for a convenient, safe and fun flying experience.

To do so, having a carrying case is very important. While there are many to choose from, this Drone Pit Stop one features some cool additions that sets it apart from the rest.

It allows enough space for you to carry all your essentials and can accommodate - DJI Mavic Pro, Transmitter,...Read full review

The Mavic Battery Charging Hub works with the Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery and the Mavic Battery Charger. It can be used to charge up to 4 Intelligent Flight Batteries at one time, allowing you to extend the flight time of your drone. A great advantage is that the batteries will be charged in sequence as per their power levels, from high to low for the quickest charging solution possible.Read full review

The DJI Mavic Battery Intelligent Flight Battery is 3,830mAh and11.4V. It also has built-in sensors, as well as bright LED lights that show the status and remaining power of the battery.

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The Drone Pit Stop Prop Guards for DJI Mavic Pro have been created as a way to keep your favorite drone safe and away from damage or crashes. These guards protect the propellers of the drone that are contently in danger of brushing against something and breaking, sending the drone crashing down.

These prop guards feature a quick release installation that does not require any tools to be used and can be done by anyone. The guards have been created using an injection-molded material that is light and sturdy but provides a durable flight.

The shape is that of a...Read full review

The DJI Mavic Car Charger provides an easy solution to charging your drone on the go as you can charge the Intelligent Flight Battery through the car's cigarette lighter port. The charger features low-voltage protection, as well as overheating protection that stops the charging if the cigarette lighter port exceeds a certain temperature.

It has an Input Voltage of 12.3-16 V (Sedan); 25-30 V (Coach) and DC Output of 13.05 V; 6 A; 78 W. Its Operating Temperature is 41 Degree to 104 Degree F (5 Degree to 40 Degree C) and the approximate charging time is 54 minutes.Read full review

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