Hero 6 Black Review: Camera Features, Design, Performance & More

March, 28, 18

Hero 6 Black Review: Camera Features, Design, Performance & More

  • Hero 6 Black Review
Hero 6 Black Review


Max Video Resolution: 

4K 60/30 fps



Battery Life: 

1 hour 30 minutes (When shooting 080p/30fps)

Body Size: 

1.75 in./ 4.45 cm X 2.44 in./6.2 cm X 1.26 in./3.2 cm

Weight (KG): 


Waterproof (Meters) : 


Camera Features

LCD Disply

LCD Display Size: 

Mobile App
Wireless Connectivity
Comes With Remote

Accessories In Box: 


GoPro HERO6 Black Camera

The Frame (HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black)

Rechargeable battery (HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black)

Curved adhesive mount

Flat adhesive mount

Mounting buckle

USB-C cable



As many of us witnessed, 2016 wasn’t pretty kind to GoPro, but despite the recalls and layoffs, the US-based Technology Company managed to unveil the new Hero 6 Black action camera, which is now the latest in their Hero flagships.

Despite utilizing similar core principals as its predecessors, Hero 6 sets itself apart by taking these principals to a whole new level. This is evident in its processing power, image and video quality, overall performance, amongst other areas.

Below we examine its core features and functionalities to see if this newly out cam from GoPro truly lives up to its hype.

Design & Features

Looking at the Hero 6 Black action camera, one can’t help but notice its close resemblance to the Hero5 Black. Older models, like the Hero 4 Silver, had their model number labelled on the front in bold black text but the more recent, i.e., the Hero 5 Black and Hero 6 Black, bear inconspicuous gray-on-gray text, and bearing in mind that the two share looks, you have to hold them against light in order to tell if the text is 5 or 6.

That aside, the great advantage about this consistency in design is that you can use the same mounts and accessories that the Hero 5 Black uses, including the Karma drone.

On the back, the Hero 6 utilizes the same 2-inch screen its predecessor has. What’s special about Hero 6’s screen though is that the display is notably richer in color, contrast, plus other details and more responsive and swifter when it comes to touch.

Additional Camera Features

Like the Hero 5 Black, this newly out cam still utilizes a 12MP camera, but with more improvements and new features. First on the list is the full HDR mode, which unlike Hero 5’s Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), promises better still images.

Then there’s the white-balance and shutter speed menus, which now carry extra options, letting you dial in a shot. Also, ISO control has now been split into both minimum and maximum, unlike before when it was only maximum. However small they are, these differences play part in improving the cam’s image cred.

Another feature is the new liner-zoom option. Previously, GoPro users were only limited to narrow, medium, and wide FOV. But Hero 6 takes a different yet better approach. Now, with the help of a slider, you only dial in the number of your preferred zoom/field of view. The new feature works with the linear mode as well.

Another improvement worth mentioning is the upgraded auto exposure adjustments, implying that users can now experience quicker transition from dim to bright during videos.

Recording and Performance

Of all the new features the Hero 6 Black packs, the GP1, its new custom-designed processor, appears to be the most notable and prominent, and it’s not hard to see why. Besides doublings the camera’s performance, the processor enables the cam to capture higher resolutions and frame rate combinations, something the previous Hero Flagships can’t do.

Thanks to this processor, with support from the new High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC H.265), you can now do 4K/60fps, an improvement from Hero 5’s 4k/30fps. Same applies to slow-motion, which now maxes out at 1080p/240fps, from the previous 1080p/120fps. There’s an additional 2.7k/120fs as well.

On top of that, the Hero 6 Black can achieve image stabilization not just at 4K/30fps, but also at 1080p/120fps. Initially, electronic image stabilization was not available in 4K resolution or above 60fps.

But that’s not all about the GP1. Above all that, the processor is capable of analyzing sensor information supplied by the built-in GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, and microphones. Thereafter, through its intelligent system, it can use the info to help the QuickStories app edit the footage cleverly such that your input won’t be necessary because it will be able to highlight the key parts of your footage.

To begin recording on this cam, you only have to hit the shutter button on the top side of the camera. A subsequent press will power the device off.

Voice controls also make a comeback on this device. Commands like “GoPro start recording” will get the device doing exactly that straight away. You can as well turn it off with voice, after which it will switch to a low-power listening mode and stay active for 8 hours in which you can give it another voice command, say, to begin recording again.

However, in noisy surroundings, the cam may not pick your voice command unless you use the company’s wearable Remo remote, which features a microphone designed for such scenarios.

Just like the Hero 5 Black, this cam can remain waterproof up to 10 meters without the help of an external housing. However, if you would want to go deeper than that, you’ll have to purchase a separate housing.

Wi-Fi performance appears to have received a boost as well. With the current 5GHz connection, one can now transfer files from the GoPro app to their smartphone at a speed that is 3X faster than the previous.

As for batteries, the Hero 6 utilizes the same 1200mAh batteries like its predecessor, charged via a USB-C Connection.


The Hero 6 Black Action Camera is a bit pricier than its forerunner, the Hero 5, which currently goes for $299. To lay your hands on the Hero 6, you’ll have to add an extra $100 to that to make it $399. 

To learn more, watch the unboxing and setup video below by Air Photography.


Final Thoughts

Even though the Hero 6 Black appears to be an extensive investment, you may want to own it for the reason that it packs powerful performance than its peers, boasts of more functionalities, improved image and video quality, and it’s perfect for professional photography and filmography. On the flipside, prepare to endure the fact that the Hero 6 drains the battery pretty much faster and that the cutting-edge 4K resolution will take up a huge chunk of your available storage.


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