Top 5 Instant Cameras in 2017

Top Instant Cameras

Technology may be creeping into every space and turning things around but there’s this space it won’t just shake to ground. Instant cameras have that uniqueness that neither smartphones nor the digitized camera can bring - instant photography.

Away from share buttons, having something tangible to share with friends, family or loved ones adds not just fun but a superior kind of analogue in a world soaking under digitization.  It’s something you can bring out at parties or perhaps you want to add a bit of creativity to your photography, whichever the situation, these cameras will do pure justice to your wish.

Yes, your smartphone could be good at taking cool and mind-blowing pictures but it denies you the fun of seeing colors morph into one-off shots. It doesn't matter which side of the technology you are, whether you are just finding this out or already deep into it, you have every reason to try out this instant cameras.

Keep in mind that all these cameras we’ve listed here and the corresponding films vary not just in price but also functionality. Each of them works with a certain set of film but most are compatible with other different types of films.

So let’s check out some of the best instant cameras you can have today.


Polaroid One 600 Camera allows you to adjust focus length and darken or lighten your shots. It features an automatic flash with a 2-10foot range. It also provides a close-up lens for shots between 2-4feet. The camera uses Polaroid 600 film to produce 3.13x3,13” exposures.


Polaroid One 600 Camera has an automatic flash with a 10-foot range. The automatic flash allows you to take good shots in places with inadequate lighting. Its simplicity allows for ease of use, and the focus-free features are perfect for quick family pictures. It also has a timer and...Read full review

Lomography Diana Classic F+ Instant Camera is a lightweight camera with a plastic lens that produces dream-like quality pictures. It has two shutter speeds (N and B) for daytime and nighttime respectively. Its erratic picture-taking, and flimsy appearance might be a deal breaker for some, but it's otherwise fun and friendly to use.


The camera has a detachable flash that dazzling, which allows you to mount or unmount it depending on the lighting of the room. Its plastic lens captures dreamy images and is perfect for the hipster-throwback photo scene,...Read full review

With its slightly retro design, Impossible Project I-1 is pretty easy to use, easy to operate, point and shoot instant camera. It has a variety of innovative features designed to give you an amazing experience. The camera works with the 600 type and Impossible I-type film.

Additionally, it’s distinctively designed ring flash gives a light that’s perfect for portraits. And what’s best is you can connect it to your Android or IOS device and play around with creative tools like double exposure and light painting.

The Impossible Project is the only...Read full review

Leica Sofort is a Polaroid-style camera, and its aim is to make photography tangible. It has seven scene modes and options available as well as creative programs for times exposures. Leica features a rectangular mirror on the front for easier ‘selfies.' It offers both color and monochrome film options. The Leica Sofort Instant Camera comes in choices of orange, white, and mint colors.



Designed and created by Leica as an intuitive and fun camera, it features a colorful square profile...Read full review

Intax Mini 8, a compact instant film camera from Fujifilm, is one of the most used cameras around the world. The camera is loved for its perfect mix of features, value, and simplicity and is an excellent choice for both beginners and professional photographers. It’s a small and durable package that’s easy to use and shoots high-quality pictures, no wonder it’s a bestseller.


The camera automatically highlights the best lighting for your shot. It has five different exposure levels to select from: the indoor-night, cloudy-shade, sunny-slightly cloudy,...Read full review

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