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Finally, the traditional suitcase is getting a complete makeover. Technology has been sweeping through every sector and industry but the luggage has for a long time never been lucky to be part of this revolution. Thankfully, the time has come and more and more companies have started to introduce smart suitcases.

If were to describe them technically, we’d say these are basically high-tech luggage packed with intelligent features such as phone chargers, location tracking and a lineup of other modern features that make life on the road or air so easy, if not fun.

If you consider yourself a tech-savvy traveler, this is the much-needed relief you’ve been waiting for. And it’s not just about the technology but the styles the suitcases come in are simply mind blowing. Airports nowadays recognize them and so it should never bother you that you may be turned away with it because, well, it looks like a dangerous item to carry to a plane.

Much as it’s a rising tech space, already we have a wide range of smart suitcases being launched every other time. So here are a couple of them that you may want to check out and probably own because they are simply too good to pass up.


The excitement of travelling can be tempered by the arduous task of packing. However, if you are using the trunkster intelligent Zipperless luggage, you need not. It comes equipped with a top that opens like a garage door, hence the name trunkster. The creators of this suitcase give you the option of a carry on or a check in or both.

Although it hasn’t had a great second run on indiegogo (much to the surprise of all of us), it had an awesome run on kickstater . The Trunkster intelligent Zipperless luggage is infamous for its roll top opening. This option allows...Read full review

Providing you with both a carry on and the check in to choose from, A22 Raden Smart luggage have made sure all your options are covered. To begin with they have installed all the standard functions expected of a smart luggage; a GPS for locating your luggage or alternatively the bluetooth, USB ports for charging your devices (up to four full charges) situated on the back just behind the handle and a micro port for charging the case’s battery. The battery is 7800mAH. As well as a weighing scale to check your luggage weight.

The battery is removable so you can use...Read full review

With features that are far beyond it’s time, the Bluesmart carry on luggage stands a bastion of technology when it comes to luggage. When it first appeared on indiegogo, it was just another campaign. However, by December 2, 2014, the BlueSmart carry on suitcase had raised $2,260,873 through crowd funding. This is 2730% funded. Looking at this first of its kind suitcase, it’s not surprising that it made it all the way to delivery as a result of such crowd funding. Really, who wouldn’t want to be part of such a revolutionary item?

bluesmart2.png...Read full review

One thing the Micro Luggage Scooter has done is redefine the world of travelling. The genius of merging a connected luggage and mobility is undisputed, especially when you have to quickly weave through airport traffic for one reason or another. Instead of the bag being incorporated into the scooter, as would be expected, the Micro Luggage Scooter is a hard casing suitcase with the scooter folded beneath it.

Once done using the scooter, you can fold it up as it comes already linked with the bag. It is light enough to still be within the carry on size limit for...Read full review

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